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Winning Style

Winning Style

Winning Style | SFLUXE 3

Zac Posen‘s a real winner, isn’t he?”

When Joy Venturini Bianchi likes your style, you know you’re doing something right. Few people in San Francisco are as devoted to quality design than Mrs. Bianchi (one of Ralph Rucci‘s best clients.)

“I saw him at the Academy Award party this year and it was exciting. He went to get the phone right away to talk to his office because they told him Gwyneth Paltrow was wearing his dress. So it was kind of a magical moment. It was really nice.”

And what about that dress? It was a big hit at Saks, as more than a few women pictured themselves looking award-worthy wearing it. Don’t be surprised to see it at the Symphony opening this fall!

  • Photos: Drew Altizer []
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