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What’s New at Podium

What’s New at Podium

Sonya Molodetskaya (right) with friend Lisa Alexander at Louis Vuitton last month.

On Tuesday afternoon, SFluxe’s Damion Matthews dropped by Podium in the Marina district to see how things are shaping up now that owner Sonya Molodetskaya has turned the popular boutique into consignment based shopping. He reports:

“What a surprise it was! The store is much livelier than it was before, with a brighter, more colorful scheme, and a wide selection of designer clothes. Sonya said that she is doing a lot more business now, with some customers dropping by on a regular basis. The prices are great. When I was there I saw three Dolce & Gabbana bags, priced at around $400, in the window. Here’s something else that was fabulous — Sonya was in such a good mood, she pulled out a bottle of champagne for me and some friends of hers to enjoy!”

Discount designer duds and bubbly? We are so there.

  • Further Information: Podium [2415 Chestnut Street]
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