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Villency’s Fashion Launch

Villency’s Fashion Launch

I always thought it was sort of strange that Kimberly Guilfoyle’s husband, Eric Villency, was in the furniture business. Interior design — sure. But furniture? It just doesn’t have the flash-and-dash one associates her with. You’d expect something a bit more glamorous, more media-friendly, more exciting from the man who would be Kimberly Guilfoyle’s husband.

And apparently she agreed.

Eric Villency is launching a denim collection at the upcoming New York Fashion Week — and doing so in a very big way. The company is called Restoration of the Monarchy, and it’s hired Julia Restoin-Roitfeld to be the face of the brand.

For those who don’t follow fashion media, to hire the hip, young, Roitfeld (daughter of Carine Roitfeld, editor in chief of French Vogue) to be the image of your company is like hiring one of the Bush twins to host parties for your lobby firm, or having Ivanka Trump do the marketing for your high-rise. It puts you on the fast-track to the A-List. Pass Go and collect $200.

While at a party at Donna Karan home in Gardiner’s Bay, New York this week, Eric revealed that the very hip Colette boutique in Paris has already agreed to sell the line.

Not bad for a company that hasn’t even had its first fashion show.

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