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Inside The Tut Director’s Gala

Inside The Tut Director’s Gala

John Buchanan, Dede Wilsey, Dr. Zahi Hawass

We really enjoyed the coverage that the Chronicle’s Carolyne Zinko and Janny Hu gave of the glamorous opening night for the beautiful King Tut exhibit at the de Young. If you haven’t read it yet, just follow this link to

Photos from the first opening night, the “Tut Director’s Gala,” can be seen here, featuring some of the Fine Arts Museum’s most generous donors. Our museums are funded, in large part, by the kind of people that you see here, who have a true passion for the arts, and for the enrichment of San Francisco culture. There is no doubt but that the quality of life of our great City would suffer without the arts and their supporters. We salute them!

Jay Xu (of the Asian Art Museum) with Katherine Matsuura, Jennifer Biederbeck and Doug Biederbeck
Kate Chung and David Chung
Dr. David Silverman and Dr. Renee Dreyfus, curators of the exhibition

Cheryl Menoufy
Thelma Schnitzer, Gilbert Schnitzer, Dorothy Saxe, George Saxe
Gilbert and Thelma Schnitzer
Lisa Stevens (of Wells Fargo) and Robert Gallo
Trevor Traina with Keith Scott (of Cartier)
William Obendorf and Susan Obendorf
Belva Davis and William Moore
Richard Essey, Denise Fitch, Lucy Jewett
Bill Bacigalupi (of KGO), and Marilyn Bacigalupi
Consul General Hesham Elnakib, His Excellency Sameh Shoukry, Egyptian Ambassador to the US
Egyptian Consul General Hesham Elnakib, Dede Wilsey
Dean Osaki (of Target), and Diane Nomura
Mike Sangiacomo and Mary Sangiacomo
Mr. & Mrs. John Wilcox
Lisa Sardegna and David Carrillo
Trevor Traina and Alexis Traina
Cynthia Gunn, John Gunn
John Buchanan, Jeanne and Sandy Robertson
Paul Violich, Lonna Wais
Barnaby Conrad and Dr. Zahi Hawass
Lucy Buchanan, John Capizzi (of Neiman Marcus)
David Blanton, Lindy Sherwood-Coombs, Steve Bell
Tim Simon, Anne Simon
Marianne Peterson, Joan Danforth
Dagmar Dolby and Ray Dolby
Gretchen Kimball

Photos: Drew Altizer