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Too Chic!

Too Chic!

Too Chic! | SFLUXE 1

Seriously, we are not obsessed with Vanessa Getty, but we just can’t help pointing it out — she is so chic! Here she is at last week’s “Helper’s Benefit”, put on by the equally chic Joy Bianchi, which raised money for Helper’s of the Mentally Retarded.

Earlier in the week, she was radiant in a black dress at the 2006 amfAR Gala.

In the shot that Drew took (above), Denise Hale is seen introducing Vanessa to Liza Minnelli. Hale told the SF Chronicle, “I told Liza she had to meet her half-sister, Vanessa.” (Denise was once married to Liza’s father, Vincente Minelli.) Liza was confused until Denise explained that Vanessa was her other protegee.

  • Photo By: Drew Altizer [Helpers Benefit]
  • Photo By: Drew Altizer [2006 amfAR Gala]
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