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TNDC 2012 Celebrity Pool Toss Raises $300,000

TNDC 2012 Celebrity Pool Toss Raises $300,000

TNDC 2012 Celebrity Pool Toss Raises $300,000 | SFLUXE
TNDC's 20th Annual Celebrity Pool Toss

Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation raised $300,000 for kids and families in the Tenderloin when it celebrated 20 years of wet and wild madness at this year’s 2012 TNDC Celebrity Pool Toss, poolside in the courtyard of the Phoenix Hotel/Chambers Eat + Drink.

todd traina

Todd Traina was one of this years Celebrity Tossees

Stephan Jenkins, Todd Traina – Gina Milano, Todd Traina

Over the past 20 years, the annual TNDC Celebrity Pool Toss has raised over $3.5 million for Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation’s (TNDC) youth and family programs like the Tenderloin After-School Program that serve more than 3,000 of the lowest-income individuals in San Francisco’s Tenderloin and nearby neighborhoods.

Laura King Pfaff, Tom Kelley

This year’s TNDC Celebrity Pool Toss, co-chaired by Laura King Pfaff and Jim Losi, was co-hosted by Lynne Marie Stewart, actor/writer best known as Ms. Yvonne of “Pee-wee’s Playhouse”, and Tori Ritchie, cookbook author and blogger at

Lynne Marie Stewart, Donna Sachet – Joanna Rees, Jason Lewis

Those who were tossed into the pool for charity included Todd Traina (Film Producer and Founder, Red Rover Films), Joanna Rees (Former Mayoral candidate, investor and professor), John Mark Rogers (Founder, Veritas Growth Companies), David Baker (FAIA, Dbarchitect), John L. Martin (Director, San Francisco International Airport), John Stewart (Chairman, The John Stewart Company), Jack Gardner (President and CEO, The John Stewart Company), and Michael R. Walker (Market President, Northern California, Commercial Banking Group, U. S. Bank.)

christopher bently

Monica Maduro, Christopher Bently, Jennifer Raiser

Don Falk, Christopher Bently – Monica Maduro, Nadine Weil

TNDC's 20th Annual Celebrity Pool Toss

Susan Hinchman, Tom Balestreri

Mai Shiver, Charles Githler – Liam Mayclem, Tori Ritchie