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Tim Ferriss Introduces InsideHook’s New San Francisco Edition

Tim Ferriss Introduces InsideHook’s New San Francisco Edition

Tim Ferriss Introduces InsideHook's New San Francisco Edition | SFLUXE
tim ferriss
Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss, and InsideHook co-founder Jonathan Keidan, with guests

I recently attended the launch of’s new San Francisco edition at a private event hosted by one of my favorite authors, Tim Ferriss (who is also a well-known entrepreneur and investor.)

Andy Russell, previous lead investor in Daily Candy and Thrillist at Pilot Group, founded InsideHook in 2012 as he recognized a void within the digital media space. He felt there was a large group of men who didn’t have a trusted, digital media outlet to find the kind of unique products and experiences that are now provided on InsideHook.

Ferriss is a partner, advisor and curator for the company’s San Francisco efforts, selecting his favorite outdoor adventures, restaurants, gear and other discoveries for InsideHook’s daily emails to its SF audience.

tim ferriss
InsideHook co-founder Jonathan Keidan and Tim Ferriss

“I created my series of ‘4-Hour’ books because I believe people can design an ideal lifestyle, reverse engineer the best of all worlds,” said Ferris. “I recognized immediately that InsideHook has a shared mission to share hidden gems and uncommon solutions, often with style. I partnered with their team because I believe in what Andy Russell and Jonathan Keidan have created,” he said.

An example of Ferriss’s activities on the site are a visit to WellnessFX Blood Analysis (a cutting edge resource for analyzing your health), SideWalk Juice (for the freshest juices in SF), the San Francisco Street Art Tour (a custom tour of the City’s most renowned graffiti installations), a session at Mission Cliffs (for rock climbing), and having lunch at Salumeria.

Joining Ferriss on the InsideHook board are industry leaders such as Alison and Mark Pincus, Bob Pittman, Jason Hirschhorn, and David Pecker, along with actors Ed Burns and Rob Lowe.

InsideHook SF Launch

Gusts at the event included Kevin Rose, Ruzwana Bashir, Sam Shank, Brad and Michelle Gerstner, Drew Patterson, Aileen Lee, Auren Hoffman, Travis Katz, Adam Cahan, Robert Scoble, Edward King, Maria Kochetkova, Andrew Siegel and Gina Sanders, among others.

Presented by BlackBerry, the event at the Jiun Ho De Jia Gallery included forward-thinking exchanges between a wide array of leading influencers from San Francisco’s tech and media worlds, with specialty cocktails provided by Campari America.