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The Ritz-Carlton is Taking Its Design Efforts Up a Notch

The Ritz-Carlton is Taking Its Design Efforts Up a Notch

The Ritz-Carlton is Taking Its Design Efforts Up a Notch | SFLUXE 3
The Ritz-Carlton focuses on design.

There are various things that people consider a vital part of their vacation time: the location, the people that they travel with or the activities that they choose to do, for instance. Some may factor in the aesthetics of a place or their chosen hotel accommodations, as well.

This is why the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company has chosen to focus on their design efforts. Within the past ten years, the Ritz-Carlton design team has worked hard to ensure that each one of their hotels looks unique and matches the locations that they are in while staying consistent with the design philosophy of Ritz-Carlton at the same time. This year six more Ritz-Carlton hotels have been added into the world in Israel, hina, Aruba, Kazakhstan and India. While the Ritz-Carlton company keeps starting up new projects, they plan to add thirty more Ritz-Carlton hotels the world over.

All of these projects give Ritz-Carlton the chance to come up with the best hotel for their environment. Some things that they consider during this process include the needs of the market and how they can create the perfect hotel to add to the Ritz-Carlton group of hotels so far.

The Ritz-Carlton in Abu Dhabi provides a classical look.

Although the majority of Ritz-Carlton hotels look modern and elegant, they have opened two hotels recently that are a little different. The Ritz-Carlton in Abu Dhabi, for example, provides interiors and a general facade that is much more classical than usual. This particular Ritz-Carlton hotel was inspired by the 15th to 17th century Renaissance architecture.

Secondly, the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Dorado Beach proves to be an elegant barefoot retreat, having been constructed as an open-air hotel to give reference to Dorado Beach’s natural landscape. All of the decor used for this particular Ritz-Carlton hotel is minimal yet modern at the same time.