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The New Planned Parenthood

The New Planned Parenthood

The New Planned Parenthood | SFLUXE 1

“You know the movie ‘The Sixth Sense,’ where the kid says ‘I see dead people?'” asks Lonna Corder, the highly respected Montessori teacher.

“I see bad parents. Everywhere.”

But there wasn’t a bad parent in sight at a recent gathering to celebrate the launch of her new business venture, LIPP (Lonna’s Individual Parenting Plan.)

Peter and Debby Magowan opened up their home for the occasion because they’ve personally experienced the benefits of working with Lonna.

“Our precious grandson, Alexander, needed a preschool. Ann Getty told me we needed to go over and meet her,” said Debby Magowan. “Peter and I got in the car and drove over and we just fell in love with Lonna. She’s absolutely the most wonderful, brilliant lady I’ve ever met.”

Lonna Corder, Debby Magowan, Kristen Harper.

Kristen Harper (the Magowans’ daughter) said “What means so much to me about Lonna is that she truly shares the joys and the struggles and the excitement of being a parent. With three kids, there are times I have called Lonna 15 times a day at the most absurd hours!”

“Lonna makes me a better mother, and I just can’t think of anything more important than that,” said Kristen, speaking before a group of friends and supporters, including a radiant Vanessa Getty (in Yves Saint Laurent), who had just spent the day doing soccer mom duties.

Lonna Corder and Vanessa Getty.

“I think never in the history of civilization have people wanted children more than they do now. You’ve got the right job. You’ve found the right spouse. You’ve got the right house. Now let’s have a baby,” said Lonna. “But then what? Then what?”

“Then you!” shouted someone from the crowd.

Geoff Callan, Hillary Newsom Callan, and friends.

Parents who work with LIPP will get a specially designed parenting plan, similar to the way a personal trainer gives you a fitness plan designed for your needs. “I will create a plan for you, your family, and your child,” Lonna explained. “It’s not cookie-cutter stuff.”

Barbara Callan, Larry Puccinelli and Michelle Puccinelli.

Lonna works primarily with parents whose children are aged between two and six, but at the event I met Betsy Little and Paula Molligan (of Little and Molligan), who help parents navigate our rather complicated school system all the way up to high school.

There are no little SFluxe kids running around, but if I did have children it’s a relief to know there are people like Lonna, Betsy and Paula around to give good, reliable advice!

Lizzie Marinchak and Todd Marinchak; Trevor Traina.

Doug Hendrickson; Drew Curby and Amy Curby.

Vanessa Getty and Cameron Phleger.

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