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The Launch Party

The Launch Party

The Launch Party | SFLUXE
Beatrice Pang, Indre Rockefeller, Isha Abdullah, Allison Hassan

We recently attended the cocktail launch party for, a new shopping site which has been featured by Vogue, New York Times, Town & Country, the Harvard Business Review and Hosted by Allison Huynh Hassan, Alison Pincus and Christine Suppes at the beautiful Pacific Heights penthouse of Isha and Asim Abdullah, the event brought together San Francisco’s best dressed women with figures from fashion media and e-commerce.

Beatrice Pang, Indre Rockefeller, Christine Suppes, Henri Deshays

Described as an “immersive shopping experience for discovering the world’s finest luxury treasures,” has found an important niche in the field of luxury online shopping by providing previously unavailable access to some of the most desired brands in the world.


Selections from

The company has launched by being the first website to offer true French haute couture from Alexis Mabille, Alexandre Vauthier, Christophe Josse, Gustavo Lins, Maxime Simoens and On Aura Tout Vu — designers who are members of the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, and winners of French fashion awards.

Ready-to-Wear, shoes, and accessories are available from Andrew Gn (a designer who is widely favored in San Francisco), Anne Valerie Hash, Azzaro, Cesaire, Helene Zubeldia, Laura Do, Lefranc- Ferrant, Larare, Marion Vidal, Mallarino, Martin Grant, Nyamanti, Philippe Ferrandis, Phillipe Roucou, Ragazze Ornamentali, Rochas, Thierry Lasry and Vouelle.

Indre Rockefeller, Victoria Yeager, Sobia Shaikh

With a management team which includes co-founders Beatrice Pang, Henri Deshays and Ragi Burhum, Mara Behrens and Indre Rockefeller, the company has an esteemed group of advisors, such as Vincent Bastien (the former CEO of Louis Vuitton), Paul Deneve (the CEO of Yves Saint Laurent and former CEO of Lanvin and Nina Ricci), Bruce Jaffe (the CFO of Glam Media) Jon Fahrner, Patricia Lerat, Faisal Masud and Professor Baba Shiv.

By the amount of attention the new company has been getting, it seems well on its way at taking on the net-a-porter and’s of the world, with a panache that combines the ingenuity of Silicon Valley and the sophistication of French design. It will be an exciting company to watch, and a pleasure to be one of their customers.

Beatrice Pang, Yurie Pascarella, Allison Speer
christine suppes
Christine Suppes, Ciina Feng – Mylea Charvat, Marybeth Lamotte
Wine for the evening was sponsored by
jessica moment
Lana Adair, Jessica Moment – Mara Behrens, Alex Chases
ken fulk

Jenna Hunt, Suzanne Levit, Ken Fulk
anne trott
Anne Trott, Ben Franks – Leila Janah, Benjamin Leslie

Li Tang, Jean Wang, Irina Rudovich, Heidi Cinader
richard ling
Richard Ling, Irina Rudovich – Damion Matthews, Beatrice Pang
Naval Ravikant

Konstantin Guericke, Krystle Cho, Naval Ravikant
darren bechtel
Beatrice Pang, Darren Bechtel, Samantha Duvall – Melodie Pacheco, Isha Abdullah
asim abdullah

Asim Abdullah, Steve Schlenker, Tony Westfall
darren bechtel
Thomas Liu, Jessica Hon – Mylea Charvat, Carolyn Betts

Jorge Maumer, Indre Rockefeller, Kate Harbin, Victoria Yeager
karen caldwell
Karen Caldwell, Joni Binder Shwarts – Blair Eadie, Anh Sundstrom
lindsay boulton

Alan Malouf, Lindsay Bolton, Mary Beth Shimmon
max armour
Allison Speer, Max Armour – Kai Tan, Ye-Hui Lu, Eric Ormsby
ricky serbin

Jennifer Raiser, Ricky Serbin, Barbara Brown
Lani Davila, Paula Carano – Terri Mino, Elisabeth Laurence

Natasha Monahan, Susan Dunlevy, Marie Hurabiell
Elizabeth Fullerton, Patricia Ferrin Loucks, Marie Hurabiell, Elaine Mellis – Rhonda Mahendroo, Elisabeth Theriot
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