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The Family Business

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Barbara, Bob and Regina Callan. Photo by Drew Altizer.

“No stilettos please,” said the invitation to “The Greening of the Marina” on June 9th.

The cocktail party and auction at 1771 North Point showcased the beautiful renovations at the property, this year’s “Pacific Coast Builders Showcase” home. With almost everything gleaming in pristine condition, the last thing one would want is for the new floors to be marked up by high heeled shoes.

Such attention to detail is what made Barbara Callan so respected in San Francisco real estate, a trait passed down through her family. Indeed, one of the interesting things about 1771 North Point is that the whole project is a family affair. Barbara is handling the sales and marketing of the property, but it’s Regina Callan, her daughter, who initially bought and renovated it. She started in real estate in 2000, after working as a news anchor for CNN International.

Geoff Callan and wife Hillary Newsom Callan came to the party to lend their support.

Robert Callan, Jr., works with his mother at McGuire Real Estate.

The home is currently on the market for $4,995,000, and is expected to sell for a much higher amount. For the inside scoop on what it finally sells for, you should check out the property’s coverage at real estate sites and

The Callans have marketed the heck out of this listing, from using it to host events and raise charity funds, to getting it featured in the Chronicle, the Examiner, on the covers of both Real Estate Times and Homes Magazine on the same week, and on TV’s “View of the Bay.” If it doesn’t sell for top dollar, we’ll be stunned.

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