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Tatcha Revives Ageless Beauty Secrets In San Francisco

Tatcha Revives Ageless Beauty Secrets In San Francisco

Tatcha Revives Ageless Beauty Secrets In San Francisco | SFLUXE
Akane Imai, Alison Pincus, Victoria Tsai, Lynne Benioff, Gisel Kordestani, Nami Onodera, Brad Murray

Lynne Benioff, Gisel Kordestani, and Alison Pincus recently hosted a luncheon at a beautiful home in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights to honor Tatcha in its celebration of the Japanese Geisha’s timeless beauty secrets.

When we first noticed Tatcha’s wonderful beauty products at Barney’s New York, we assumed it was a cherished decades-old Japanese line. So we were amazed to discover that it’s a relatively new company that originated in San Francisco, and has been developing quite a cult following!

Yurie Pascarella, Victoria Tsai, Akane Imai (of Arte Group Kimonos)
Brad Murray, Victoria Tsai

Founded in 2009 by Victoria Tsai, Tatcha honors Japanese heritage with its simple, elegant skincare collection based on the 300 year old traditions of the Japanese geisha.

Using natural ingredients like red algae, green tea, peony, wild thyme, and ginseng root, Tatcha products, formulated and made in Japan, are designed to purify, nourish and protect the skin.

“If you like the Japanese diet,” explained Tsai, “then you will love what they put on your skin.” As we’ve become addicted to Tatcha’s deliciously light and creamy Moisture Rich Silk Cream, we quite agree!

Luncheon guests, including Vanessa Getty, Lynn Jurich, Yurie Pascarella, Barbara Brown, Noosheen Hashemi, Carol Bonnie, Gina Pell, Xochi Birch, Victoria Yeager, Leigh Matthes, and Diane Dorrans Saeks, among others, were treated to a fascinating overview of how a 200-year-old text written in Japan’s Edo period has influenced the science behind Tatcha’s products.

The event also helped draw attention to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Center, which is expected to be completed in 2014, largely due to the efforts of Lynne and her husband Marc Benioff.

Allison Speer, Lynne Benioff, Alison Pincus, Nina Stanford

Currently, you can purchase Tatcha products at Barney’s New York, or online at It’s one of the more technologically sophisticated beauty sites.

With Tsai’s study of the old world, and company president Brad Murray’s insight into the future of business and tech, they’ve created a company that’s poised to beguile the beauty world with the discipline, grace and subtlety of a geisha.

Lynn Jurich, Lynne Benioff, Tracy Krilich – Gisel Kordestani, Lynne Benioff

Alison Pincus, Gisel Kordestani, Xochi Birch – Gina Pell, Gisel Kordestani

Tatcha’s Luminous mist – Allison Speer, Vanessa Getty

Lynne Benioff – Tatcha’s Ageless cream

Victoria Tsai, Allison Speer, Alison Pincus – Victoire Reynal, Brad Murray

Damion Matthews, Victoria Yeager – Suzanne Levitt, Carol Bonnie, Leigh Matthes

Carol Bonnie, Allison Speer – Victoria Yeager, Gisel Kordestani, Noosheen Hashemi

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