Mariam Naficy

Lunch with Christy Turlington Burns

Bluxome Street Winery recently accommodated Every Mother Counts’ first Bay Area fundraiser, which raised upwards of $160,000 on May 19th. 100% of proceeds go to furthering the organization’s mission of making pregnancy and childbirth safer for each and every mother.

Totally Geek to Totally Chic | SFLUXE 12

Totally Geek to Totally Chic

Stylist Mary Gonsalves Kinney takes a look at Silicon Valley’s drab “geek” style, and offers some hope for a “totally chic” future.

Ten Women Who Rule Silicon Valley | SFLUXE 19

Ten Women Who Rule Silicon Valley

Elle recently hosted a dinner at Prospect in honor of the ten most influential women in technology.

Samasource Gala Raises $700,000 | SFLUXE

Samasource Gala Raises $700,000

The recent Samasource fundraiser in San Francisco raised $700,000 to help the organization reach its goal of providing life-changing work to over 4,000 women and youth globally this year.

Minted Launches Party Decor | SFLUXE

Minted Launches Party Decor recently showcased its new Party Decor collection at Betty Lin boutique in San Francisco.

Minted Brings New Artworks to the Masses

To celebrate the launch of Minted’s new art prints business, the company’s CEO/Founder Mariam Naficy recently hosted a chic art-themed party at her San Francisco home.

Claiborne Swanson's American Beauty | SFLUXE

Claiborne Swanson’s American Beauty

Claiborne Swanson Frank as published her first book, American Beauty, and we were at the VIP launch party for it in San Francisco.