Ysabella's Brave Battle | SFLUXE 2

Ysabella’s Brave Battle

Ysabella Brave, the talented young performer who became a YouTube sensation a few years ago, has been experiencing a terrible illness. We’re hoping the best for her!

Madonna at MoMA

“Madonna is coming, everyone; Madonna is here,” Parker Posey yelled as she made her way down the red carpet last night at the Museum of Modern Art, where the Cinema Society and the Weinstein Company were hosting a screening of Madge’s new film W.E. But Posey needn’t have bothered. The barrage of camera flashes and screams of fans more than sufficed to announce the blonde one’s delayed arrival. “I’ve been a huge fan ever since I was a little girl,” Chlo? Sevigny gushed. Patti Smith, Valentino , Donna Karan, and Julian Schnabel were also in the crowd. Before making her way into the screening room, a Roberto Cavalli-clad Madonna told how the idea for the melodrama, centered around the 1930’s affair between Wallis Simpson ( Andrea Riseborough ) and King Edward VIII (James D’Arcy), came about: “It’s a really long story, but it’s something that was cooking in my brain for a long time,” said the Material Girl, who confirmed she would continue doing films. “I was living in England and had an obsession with the royal family, starting with Queen Victoria, and also I was very interested in pre-war England.” During his introduction, Harvey Weinstein said, “If Joe Smith had made the film it would still be heralded,” to which Madonna politely replied, “Thank you, Harvey, but I would never want to be Joe Smith.” Not hardly. The pop superstar has just been confirmed as the Super Bowl half-time act. Later, as MoMA PS1’s Klaus Biesenbach walked into the Piaget-sponsored after-party at Crown, he asked Weinstein, “Are you happy?” Weinstein’s response: “Yes, Patti Smith got up and gave her a standing ovation.”

Christian Dior Couture on | SFLUXE

Christian Dior Couture on

We are thrilled to see that one of our favorite sites,, is now featuring vintage couture.

Quintessentially Hosts Valentino | SFLUXE 1

Quintessentially Hosts Valentino

Madonna made a surprise appearance at a private dinner for the legendary designer, Valentino, in New York, which was hosted by Quintessentially, the luxury lifestyle firm that recently opened an office in San Francisco.

Our friend Stacey Gordon flew to New York for the event, and reported back to us, with photos from Patrick McMullan, mere minutes after the event ended.

What a glamorous evening, with guests including Gwyneth Paltrow, Martha Stewart, Claire Danes, Anne Hathaway among many other A-Listers.

Willie and Elaine at the Washbag | SFLUXE

Willie and Elaine at the Washbag

Our spunky young friend, Elaine Santore, recently stepped into an event at the Washington Bar and Grill, packed with some of the biggest, bloated egos in San Francisco politics, and somehow walked away having made the night all about HER.

Now that normally would not surprise us, because quite honestly it IS all about her, but in this case, she even had the last word over Willie Brown himself!

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