Elaine Santore

Willie and Elaine at the Washbag | SFLUXE

Willie and Elaine at the Washbag

Our spunky young friend, Elaine Santore, recently stepped into an event at the Washington Bar and Grill, packed with some of the biggest, bloated egos in San Francisco politics, and somehow walked away having made the night all about HER.

Now that normally would not surprise us, because quite honestly it IS all about her, but in this case, she even had the last word over Willie Brown himself!

Epi Party at Le Club | SFLUXE 1

Epi Party at Le Club

Le Club, the intimate Nob Hill establishment that has recently held some of the City’s most elegant events, graciously opened its doors last week for the newly launched Bay Area Allergy Advisory Board’s (BAAAB) “Epi Party.”

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Amber Marie and Tippi in Union Square | SFLUXE 2

Amber Marie and Tippi in Union Square

Amber Marie Bently recently hosted a jewelry launch for her new line, and a fundraiser attended by Tipi Hedren.

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