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Standing Ovations at The Mint

Standing Ovations at The Mint

The magnificent old Mint at 5th and Mission recently held an event to feature a preview of the upcoming exhibit “From Earth to 5-Star: the Bay Area’s Innovations in Farming and Food.” You can read more about the exhibit at

Caryl Ritter, Roland Peterssen
Rick Grady, Richard Johns, Brent Johnson
Liam Mayclem, Defne Altan
Kirsten Strobel, Scott Brown, Kimmy O'Daniels

Kim Sugrue, Sharon Kramlich
Michael Venera, Katherine Jacobus
Leigh Frazier, Anders Jones
Rodney Fong, Erin Roche, Howard Rosenfeld
JC Scott, Andy Scott
John Scharffenberger, Jason Todd
Amelia Rodelo, Jesse Chelsow, Jennifer Rack
Matthew Sade, Lisa Goth, Ginny Cao
Marguerite Browne, Anette Harris
Caryl Ritter, Roland Peterssen
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