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SF iS superCHIC

SF iS superCHIC

Since Paper folded, it’s now like Christmas whenever SFiS arrives. There’s something about those huge pages that makes it seem so much more glamorous than a normal magazine. It’s like the early version of W, when fashionable people still read that magazine.

Some highlights from the April issue:

A report from the Legion of Honor’s crowd-pleasing exhibit “Masterpieces of French Jewelry.”

Photos from the New Year’s Eve party that Asim and Isha Abdulla (owners of Ungaro) threw at their Washington Street penthouse:

A cartoon illustrating the Spring fashions, drawn by Paula Sanz Caballero:

Then there’s this. SFluxe editor isn’t sure what’s going on here but Lisa Lamb seems to be enjoying it.

There’s a second photo of realtor Joel Goodrich. This after he was profiled in an earlier issue of the magazine, and he’s not even an advertiser there.

You will not be surprised to learn that Joel, in the multicolor print shirt, was on hand to see Max Nugus‘ spring collection. Max is the guy in the multicolor print jacket below. Finally some color to enliven the City fog!

But the absolute best thing is an article on John Traina’s favorite sow (and no, her name is NOT Danielle. Don’t be rude.)

Made in 1895 by Peter Carl Faberge, the pink and gray aventurine objet with diamond eyes was a Father’s Day gift from his former wife, the writer, in homage to Coco — the family’s pot-belly pig.

You can read the whole issue of SFiS at by following this link.

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