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Sequins on Sunday

Sequins on Sunday

Sequins on Sunday | SFLUXE

I still have the scar on my cheek.

A warning to those who go to the drag queen show at the Starlight Room: Casandra Cass‘s dress doubles as an exotic Kung-Fu weapon.

Imagine it, a 6-foot drag queen covered in glitz, coming at you twirling as you sit helplessly in a chair. All that sequined fringe turns into hundreds of sharp blades, and you turn into a ripe peach about to be sliced up and thrown into a Macedonia. I know because it happened to me! (But don’t worry about your poor SFluxe editor. It was fun!)

Approaching its first year in business, the “Sunday’s a Drag” performance at Harry Denton’s Starlight Room, hosted by the hilarious Donna Sachet, has become the place to go for a lively only-in-San Francisco brunch. And yes, you read that right. Drag queens at brunch. On a Sunday. Imagine if Jerry Falwell were around to hear about this!

It’s actually a tasteful event, suitable for all kinds of people (though you do have to be at least 18.) It’s a great place to take out-of-town visitors– give them some San Francisco flavor without causing any embarrassment or making them feel out of place.

My first visit was last Sunday, May 20, 2007, at a party hosted by Mark Calvano and superstar SF Realtor Joel Goodrich for superstar New York Realtor A. Laurance Kaiser IV (otherwise known as Larry.) Together, these guys have both coasts covered when it comes to high-profile, high-quality real estate. Mr. Kaiser, for instance, has the penthouse listing at the coveted 110 Central Park South building (priced at $17,500,000); and here, Goodrich has some of the City’s best listings, ranging from $595,000 to $65 million.

Larry Kaiser
Manhattan real estate broker, Larry Kaiser

They invited about twenty friends, including (among others) Afsaneh Akhatari, Shell and Craig Cardon (recently profiled in the Daily Journal), Jorge Maumer, Ron Crosetti, Bella Farrow, Lois Lehrman, Elliot Simon Temple, and Clara Shayevich.

Everyone raved about Clara’s crisp springtime suit, but the biggest fashion statement was made by the host himself. Joel wore a vintage Versace shirt (Gianni Versace, not Donatella, thank you) which he got from John at Torso Vintages, over some really cool embroidered Calvano jeans.

Calvano, you say? That’s right! Entres nous, Mark Calvano is launching a new menswear line. I’ve had a sneak peak, and it’s going to be hot. Think ’90s Versace with a 21st century San Francisco spin — sexy and sophisticated for guys who know how to show it. (More to come on that later.)

Cassandra Cass “Sunday’s a Drag” performer, Cassandra Cass

But one person who will not be wearing Mark Calvano, regardless how sexy, is Cassandra Cass. You’re likely to see her in a fantastic gown created by Alexandria Coky.

While all the performers at “Sunday’s a Drag” are absolutely magnificent, I must say that Cassandra has an energy that’s unbelievable. It’s hard to believe she was born and raised in a small Iowa town, among farm houses and corn fields (she hardly looks corn-fed to me.)

Someone captured one of her performances on video and put it on youtube. You can see it here, but it’s not a good representation — it’s better to just go to the Starlight Room one of these Sunday’s and see for yourself!