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San Francisco’s Lives of Style

San Francisco’s Lives of Style

San Francisco's Lives of Style | SFLUXE
The Honorable Gavin Newsom, Alan Malouf, Willie Brown

When Elisabeth Laurence, creator of “Lives of Style,” a national television show headquartered in San Francisco, wanted to have a luncheon for some of the most stylish ladies and gentlemen in San Francisco, who better to host it than her longtime pal Dr. Alan Malouf. And so it was that an elegant luncheon at Spruce inaugurated San Francisco’s spring social season this March.

Elisabeth Laurence and Dede Wilsey

After lunch, Ms. Laurence spoke charmingly of her appreciation of Diane Wilsey and Denise Hale, two women who have continued to be at the forefront of San Francisco society, philanthropy and style throughout the City’s many transformations.

Robert Mailer Anderson, Alan Malouf, Timothy Blackburn

Elisabeth Laurence, Denise Hale – Erin Laurence, Elisabeth Laurence

Dede Wilsey, Elisa Stephens – Wilkes Bashford, Willie Brown

Karen Sutherland, Karen Caldwell, Tatiana Sorokko – Alan Malouf, Tatiana Sorokko

Sonya Molodetskaya, Deepa Pakianathan, Francois Skurman, Clara Shayevich

Allison Speer, Andrew Skurman, Lindsay Bolton – Lindsay Bolton, Damion Matthews

Karen Sutherland – Karen Caldwell, Christine Suppes

O.J. Shansby, Lonna Wais -Adrianna Pope Sullivan, Toni Wolfson

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