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San FAANcisco Soiree

San FAANcisco Soiree

San FAANcisco Soiree | SFLUXE

The Caldwell Snyder Gallery in San Francisco recently opened its doors for a private event honoring FAAN, the Food Allergy Anaphylaxis Network, and to honor the FAAN CEO Julia E. Bradsher, along with the newest National Boardmember Mireille Schwartz.

Senator Mark Leno with the evening’s honorees

Based in Washington D.C., FAAN is the world’s largest leading non-profit allergy resource, and works with policymakers on federal, state, and local initiatives in areas such as food labeling, epinephrine availability, and management of food allergies in schools, camps, airlines, and restaurants.

San Francisco Chronicle’s Carolyne Zinko with Chef Michael Woodward

Executive chef Michael Woodward, of MW in Ross, prepared a special allergen-free menu for the evening, which thoughtfully excluded eggs, milk/dairy, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish, to demonstrate that a beautiful meal can be created for over 100 people that is sensitive to a wide range of allergens and health issues.

Duo DJs Wunder & Keltec of Crash-It Productions

A few surprises of the evening included: a spectacular DJ Set by Crash-It Production’s dynamic duo DJ Wunder & DJ Keltec, a moving FAAN video message featuring Mireille and her daughter Charlotte Jude – both of whom have severe food allergies, a new exhibit of paintings by artist Melissa Chandon, a FAAN Award of Appreciation for San Francisco Luxury Living’s Damion Matthews, and Senatorial Certificates of Recognition to the night’s two honorees presented by Senator Mark Leno.

Senator Mark Leno and Mireille Schwartz

To learn more about allergy resources in the Bay Area check out, and nationally

Veronica Braun, Sheri Stellberg, FAAN CEO Julia Bradsher, FAAN Director Robert York

Susan Dunlevy, Event Host Karen Caldwell, Judge Karen Clopton

Roberta Economidis, Dawn Dzedzy, Carolyne Zinko, Karen Tamblyn

Alan Malouf, Event Host Karen Caldwell

Charleston Pierce, Wilkes Bashford and Mark Leno

Event Host Susan Snyder, Wilkes Bashford, artist Melissa Chandon

Carol Tran, Karen Tamblyn, Sana Choudary and Victoria Bosa

Kathy and Brian Hom whose lives have been touched by food allergy

Michelle Renee, Damion Matthews, Tanya Powell

Claudia Juestel, Holly Baxter, and friend

Charleston Pierce and Joel Goodrich

Beth Townsend and Mark Wagoner

Young guests enjoyed the allergy-free meal

Princess Fati Farmanfarmaian and Natalia Urrutia
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