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My Most Favorite of Firenze

My Most Favorite of Firenze

firenze, by adorean boleancu

EVERYDAY NOW, I feel like I am in a story book,
Walking the streets of Firenze with every look.
The shops, buildings, cobble streets, river running, church bells singing, people gathering, history living,
The architecture is not only there, it is alive and so filling.
The spirit of GREAT MEN reflect in the deep marble carvings with every detail there to be,
The rolling green hills surround this magical art city for everyone to see.
With every step I walk,
I feel like I am passing these solid strong stones, oh if they could only talk.
The passing of time in these once guarded walls,
I can almost hear now the crying of ones’ calls.
The sun shines each and everyday,
But even if it were to rain, the past souls surrounding us would have much to say.
My favorite adventure in the center of this special “boot”,
Is not just the people, the life, the warmth of history, the fine wine which flows so strong, mind you it is a hoot.
It is all of this and so much more,
For I feel like EVERYDAY NOW, I have opened the story book history door!!
Captured in this unique moment and space,
I know I shall return again someday with a huge smile on my face!
My Most Favorite of Firenze… EVERYDAY NOW.