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Mid Winter Gala 2012: Chanel and the Cult of Beauty

Mid Winter Gala 2012: Chanel and the Cult of Beauty

Mid Winter Gala 2012: Chanel and the Cult of Beauty | SFLUXE
Dick Costolo, Megha Tolia, Jeremy Stoppleman and Allison Speer share a toast with friends

Cheers to Chanel!

When Allison Speer commented that “Chanel really made it a Mid-Winter to remember” she surely conveyed the sentiments of everyone who attended the glamorous event this year. Now in its 8th year, the 2012 Mid-Winter Gala had the support of Chanel as Marquee Sponsor for the first time ever, and one could sense the elegant Chanel touch throughout the evening.

Although Karl Lagerfeld wasn’t at the event, his style transformed the Court of the Legion of Honor to its most starkly sophisticated to-date, with an all-black tent lit by dramatic crystal chandeliers encircled by a transparent black mesh. The black, white and silver tables were brought to life with white candles and beautiful purple orchid centerpieces from Oscar Mora.

chanel gala
Chanel’s Keith Scott and Erica Kasel with Allison Speer and Trevor Traina
Nirav Tolia and Megha Tolia – Jeremy Stoppelman, Jacqueline Sacks and David Sacks

As the Fine Arts Museums largest single-night fundraiser the event raised over $400,000. Among the 400 guests were young art patrons and business leaders such as Billy Getty (an event sponsor with wife Vanessa Getty, who was Honorary Chairwoman), Alexis Traina (wife of Honorary Chair Trevor Traina, her family’s company, Swanson Vineyards, provided the wine for the evening), film producer Todd Traina and wife Katie Traina, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and Lauren Costolo, entrepreneur Zack Bogue and wife Marissa Mayer, Yammer CEO David Sacks and beautiful wife Jacqueline Sacks, Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett and his wife the healthy-living expert Sloan Barnett, Shelby Bonnie and Carol Bonnie, Boris Putanec and Jeana Toney, Stuart and Gina Peterson, Matt and Katie Paige, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, Benchmark Capital’s Matt Cohler, Kevyn Wynn (visiting from southern California), actress Connie Nielson, and many more.

vanessa getty

Billy Getty and Honorary Chairwoman Vanessa Getty

Billy and Vanessa Getty – Alex Chases and Vanessa Getty
Kevyn Wynn, Allison Speer and Alexis Traina
Allison Speer and Alexis Traina in Chanel – Zack Bogue with Marissa Mayer in Marchesa

Chanel was joined by Christie’s and Conde Nast Traveler as event sponsors, and Grey Goose Vodka and Swanson Vineyard (Swason’s wine was perfect with Lucas Schoemaker’s French-inspired dinner) were the Drink Sponsors.

The DJ for the evening, Zen Freeman, was brought in from Los Angeles (by Chanel, of course), and if the gorgeous male models who greeted guests at the entrance of the Legion of Honor haven’t walked the Chanel runway yet, they certainly could.

Ward Waltemath and Ashley Waltemath – Dana Sheldon and Chris Sheldon

For the second year, Christie’s auction house in Beverly Hills flew in their president, Andrea Fiuczynski, to oversee the evening’s auction.

Our favorite auction item was for two people to attend the Spring/Summer 2013 showing in Paris in October, 2012. It was won by Ichor CEO David Shimmon who bought it for his glamorous wife Mary Beth Shimmon.

Other fabulous items included a private McCalls dinner for 12 at either the de Young or the Legion of Honor, dinners at The French Laundry and Quince, a private party at the new Lucky Strike on King Street, tea for 10 at the Palace Hotel, weekly luxury floral delivery by H. Bloom, a Judith Leiber handbag, and a day of indulgence at Gump’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Ann-Ferrell Millham and Mary Beth Shimmon
Vandy Boudeau – Ken Fulk, Lindsay Bolton and David Shimmon

The event was also a salute to the wonderful exhibit, “Cult of Beauty: The Victorian Avant-Garde, 1860-1900,” which is open at the Legion of Honor through June 17, 2012.

Sloan and Roger Barnett
Sloan Barnett in Chanel – Keith Scott and Erica Kasel
Erin Hawthornthwaite with Committee Chairwoman Kathryn Lasater and Ashley Waltemath
Andrea Schnitzer, Maryam Muduroglu, Jenna Hunt – Kim Miller and Michael Polenske
Connie Nielsen and Leslie Thieriot
Katie and Matt Paige – Gina Peterson
Brad Harrington, Alyson Harrington, Karen Hartle, Tom Hartle
Alyson and Brad Harrington – Jeana Toney
Mireille Schwartz and Erik Noonan
Sonya Molodetskaya – Willie Brown and Sonya Molodetskaya
Leslie Thieriot, Jonathan Moscone, Jennifer Raiser, Dorka Keehn
Angelique Griepp – Angelique Griepp and Joel Goodrich
Paula Carano and Bandel Carano
Paula Carano and Deepa Pakianathan – Komal Shah, Deepa Pakianathan
Cameron Phleger and Jeremy Stoppelman
Edward King, Justin Fichelson – Elizabeth Miner, Edward Liang, Dana Genshast, Maria Kochetkova
Heidi Castelein and Caley Castelein
Dr. Carolyn Chang, Patrick King – Kate Chung, Laure Fullerton Headrick, Erin Hawthornthwaite
Sobia Shaikh
Brian Sugar and Lisa Sugar – Remy Reed, Joyce Okano, Anne Wagner
Andrea Alberini and Stephanie Oshana
Mason Mayer and Sarah Taylor – Maryam Muduroglu, Ken Fulk
Alyona Fedorova
Edward Dubrosky and Olya Dzilikhova – Mina Yazzi, Olya Dzilikhova
Ilysa Weinfeld Goldblatt
Mo Clancy and Nathaniel David – Jenny Orser, Alice Cahan
Katie Traina, David Glynn and Max Boyer Glynn
Patrick Barber and Melissa Barber – Shelby Bonnie and Carol Bonnie
Alexis Traina, Jessica Moment, Allison Speer and Cameron Phleger
Summer Tompkins Walker
Trevor Traina

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