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Manish Arora To Preside Over Arts of Fashion

Manish Arora To Preside Over Arts of Fashion

Manish Arora To Preside Over Arts of Fashion | SFLUXE 25

The Arts of Fashion Foundation is presenting a 2-day symposium in San Francisco which will end with a student fashion show and awards ceremony presided over by Manish Arora.

Manish’s rare appearance in San Francisco is a treat for fans of his collections, which have been shown in Paris since 2007 (Paris is also the location of the Indian-born designer’s first flagship store, at 5 rue Rouget-de-l’Isle.)

“Manish Aurora is one of my favorite designers,” says Monaz Mehta, “To me he is the Jean Paul Gaultier of India.”

With his trademark palette of pink and gold, his exuberant designs have also caught the attention of Sonya Molodetskaya. “I love my Manish Arora,” she said, after recently bonding with the designer at The Battery over their mutual love for all things pink! Other fans of his in San Francisco include Jacques Pantazes, Jennifer Raiser, Isha Abdullah, Minal Jethmal and Nathalie Doucet, who is responsible for bringing him to the Arts of Fashion Foundation event.

Manish is being joined at the Arts of Fashion Foundation by Chanel’s Nadine Dufat, who is in charge of Chanel’s magnificent Metiers D’Arts division, a group of ateliers that produce the flowers, feathers, and other ornamentations that spring from Karl Lagerfeld’s abundant imagination.

Chanel Winter 2015
Chanel Winter 2015

John Maeda, a partner at Kleiner Perkins, will also be at the Foundation to speak about fashion’s increasing influence on technology in Silicon Valley.

The fashion presentation at Bently Reserve will take place Tuesday, October 28, starting at 6:00. Purchase Tickets at

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