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Lucky at Philanthropist

Lucky at Philanthropist

Lucky at Philanthropist | SFLUXE 1
Sally Fowler, Jessica Moment, Trevor Traina, Elise Loehnen

We recently dropped by the fabulous Philanthropist boutique at 3571 Sacramento Street for an event celebrating the popular store’s appearance in “LUCKY Magazine’s San Francisco Shopping Guide” (in the March 2009 issue.)

The event, hosted by Kim France, was a great opportunity to meet Lucky’s Editor at Large, Elise Loehnen, and Marissa Cooley, one of the magazine’s editors. Philanthropist owner, Jessica Moment, was greeted by guests such as Trevor Traina, Elizabeth Touw, Sally Fowler, David Lamond, Kim Miller, Dennis Hearst, Kristin Runco, and Chris Bass.

Stephanie Tuttle, Sobia Shaikh, Amy Black, Keeley Sanders, Julia Umnov
Scott Harkonen, Joan Stracquadanio, Tony Stracquadanio

Trevor Traina with Elizabeth Varnell, Anastasia Hendrix and Laura Morton
A Shopper with Alan Malouf

With vodka from Grey Goose, and delicious bites from Taste, it was the kind of frothy, fun, fashionable evening that makes Presidio Heights one of our favorite neighborhoods and Philanthropist one of our favorite stores.

Lindsay Bolton and George Bolton
Amy Shih, Aimee Anderson
Eileen Sheldon, Jessica Moment
Sandy Mandel, Keeley Sanders
Sara Fowler, Todd Cox, Sally Fowler
Jenna Hunt, Andrea Schnitzer, Leah Aaron
Amy Black, Stephanie Tuttle
  • Shopping: Philanthropist [3571 Sacramento Street, San Francisco]
  • Photos: Drew Altizer []
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