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Living Well on Moscow and France

Living Well on Moscow and France

Living Well on Moscow and France | SFLUXE 2

Living well in San Francisco doesn’t require a lot of money, designer labels, fame, or even taste.

As the owners of this home show, having the ability to design your living space the way you want without paying any attention to what others think (whatsoever!) is the basis of true quality of live. Even when that includes a velvet painting of a naked lady.

SFluxe is pleased to present this home on Moscow Street, at the corner of France Avenue, just a block away from Athens. (I hear there’s some folks on Athens who’ve got a beautiful statue in pink plaster of a peeing kourous on the front lawn.)

On the market for $999,000, this four-bedroom home built in 1973 is in pristine original condition.

The spacious living room provides ample room for entertaining. Originally the home’s patio, you’ll notice that they ingeniously left the flood lights on the wall to be used as a spotlight when practicing for your American Idol audition.

Beautiful gold brocade curtains remind one of a grand French palace. Ohh-la-la, in this house you can live like a king!

The formal dining room comfortably seats 12.

The kitchen is large enough to fit a red vinyl breakfast nook. For additional seating we recommend office chairs on rollers so not to scratch the floor.

The ultimate in luxury — two refrigerators!

Upstairs, this office is perfect for your big city wheelin’-and-deelin’. Unfortunately the TV is not for sale.

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This master bedroom just screams relaxation. You wake up feeling as if in a comfy cloud of shocking pink. With all the wall space you have more than enough room for your favorite art work.

Downstairs, a wet bar for sophisticated cocktail events. There’s even space for you to display your favorite booze bottles along the wall. Sorry, but this TV set isn’t for sale either.

I think Robert de Niro and Sharon Stone had a room just like this in the movie “Casino.” Live just like movie stars!

Every room of the house is a treat. Even the bathroom has been decorated. This is an exact replica of the Marie Antoinette bathroom at Hotel France in Reno. It’s just the ultimate in European finery.

Best of all is the view. On a clear day you can see as far as Prague Street!