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Le Club Finally Opens

Le Club Finally Opens

Everyone had a fabulous time last Thursday for the official opening of Le Club, the chic new restaurant at 1250 Jones, owned by Todd Traina and Gina Milano (shown above.) The atmosphere, the design, the service and the location (at the tippy-tippy-top of Nob Hill) are absolutely superb. J’adore Le Club!

Danielle Steel chats with Dede Wilsey, as Howard and Gretchen Leach smile for Drew Altizer’s lens.

Gina Milano did most of interior design work herself, creating a style that I would describe as a hip version of Old World San Francisco. There are classic wing chairs, for instance, but they’re upholstered in shiny black crocodile to give them a sleek, glamorous, modern edge.

Danielle Steel and Justin Fichelson

With parking difficult in the neighborhood, Le Club offers valet service and (coolest of all) a town car to pick you up and take you to the restaurant. The small private rooms are also great for those who are always on the lookout for places to hold events.

Here are more of the opening night visitors.

Dorka Keehn

Lindsay Bolton

Melissa de Maria, Serena Fritz-Cope

John Traina, Sharon Wick, Will Wick

Gina Milano with Margot and Harry deWildt

Dede Wilsey, Todd Traina, Katie Traina

Todd, Trevor & Katie Traina

BJ Wasserman, Mel Wasserman

Jaime duPont, Sarah Shaw

Taylor Nagle, Sarah Berger, Brett Habermann

Jaime duPont, Victoire Reynal, Leslie Thieriot

Heidi Castelein, Roth Martin

Jack Ryder, Francis Stark

Kim Miller, Michael Polenske

Joey Cannata, Michael Cohen, Antonia Clark, Bridget Cannata

  • Further Information: 1250 Jones St
    (between Clay St & Pleasant St)
    San Francisco, CA 94109

  • Photos: Drew Altizer []