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Inside the Mid-Winter Gala 2008

Inside the Mid-Winter Gala 2008

Inside the Mid-Winter Gala 2008 | SFLUXE

When I saw Vanessa Getty at the Mid-Winter Gala on Saturday, in a gorgeous goddess gown of her own design, I thought, Wow, she looks beautiful, she’s glowing (but when is she not glowing?), she looks like a star, but… well… what can I say about that noticeable bump in the middle?

If I didn’t point it out, I knew some of my more catty readers would (you know who you are!), so I had to say something, right? But what? One doesn’t want to appear ungentlemanly.

Thankfully, Mrs. Getty has spared me any social embarrassment by coming out with the news herself. Yes, she and husband Billy Getty are indeed expecting their first girl! “It’s my Angelina Jolie moment,” she told friends at the museum, realizing that the dress would give her away. We wish them the best.

But Vanessa wasn’t the only one displaying unbeatable style. I especially love all the color that was worn, with a lot of striking shades one usually doesn’t see at night. Some favorites are below (almost 400 people attended, so it wasn’t an easy selection to make!)

Angelique Griepp was stunning in green Dolce & Gabbana, with jewelry by Rosalina.
Kate Harbin, in Balenciaga, with Donna Hoghooghi

Gary and Katherine Calvert
Eliza Bolen, just in from New York, in Oscar de la Renta
Nicola Miner (in Lanvin), with Robert Mailer Anderson
Craig and Shell Cardon
Jad Dunning, Billy Getty, JP Thieriot and Simon Thieriot
Shannon Bavaro and Kimberly Bini
We love the feminine flourish of Kimberly Bini’s dress!
Elizabeth Touw, Ali Sonsini, Kimberly Miller
Paul and Elizabeth Touw are a stunning couple, aren’t they?

Elizabeth Scokin (here with Justin Fichelson) goes wild in vintage Scaasi animal print. I don’t remember a Scaasi ever looking so sexy, but then I never saw his designs worn by Elizabeth Scokin before!

Kimberly Bakker, in Lily Samii
Kritsten Harper

Fashion editor Elizabeth Varnell and Friend. I’m sure he has a name, but we don’t know it. We’ll just call him Sexypie.

Angelique and Troy Griepp
Juliet de Baubigny, in Gucci
Cecilia Harris with Jennifer Biederbeck (in Oscar de la Renta)
Lisa Zanze, in Etro
Katherine Bettis and Evie Simon
The beautiful Lindsay Bolton with dashing husband George Bolton
Mireille Schwartz and Cameron Noble
Mireille’s necklace was a one-of-a-kind creation designed by Amber Marie Bently
Sloan Barnett, in Chanel haute couture

Everyone had an absolute blast when the dancing began. Todd Traina flew celebrity DJ (and Lindsay Lohan’s off-again/on-again galpal) Samantha Ronson in from LA to keep things hot and youthful. Afterall, it is the Junior Committee of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco that put on the event.

Something tells me the Legion of Honor isn’t quite her usual venue.
Katie and Todd Traina

Trevor and Alexis Swanson Traina (she’s in Oscar de la Renta.) Trevor chaired the event with Vanessa Getty. Allison Speer and Kathryn Lasater were co-chairs.

Kathryn Lasater, in Oscar de la Renta
Claudia Ross
Kate Chung and Christina Dunning
Melissa Richardson (in Phillip Lim), with Sobia Shaikh
Maria Teresa Petersen
Lori Levine with Rosalina Lydster
Patrick Barber and Melissa Barber
Brian Wilsey and Jordan Stevens
Andrea Schnitzer, in Balenciaga
Isha Abdullah
Leslie Thieriot, in Marchesa, with Nic Bini
Alan Malouf and Lori Levine