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Here are 17 Closet Ideas You’ll Want To Check Out!

Here are 17 Closet Ideas You’ll Want To Check Out!

Here are 17 dream closet inspirations to make you drool. The only thing more important than owning fashionable clothes is having an even trendier place to keep them in.

Pretty in Pink Closet
Pretty in Pink Closet (Photo By: Jennifer VanAllen Fink, Timeless Memories Photography)

This fabulous walk-in closet is designed by Nicole Norris. This amazing luxury closet was created from an outdoor storage room by closing an exterior door and window.

Its shelves provide ample space for clothing, shoes and jewellery. It has a glittery pink ceiling with the sparkling hanging fixture for light.

Full-length mirror which can be customized stands out in the horizontal striped wallpaper. The focus point is the glass shoe shelf that looks beautiful in front of pink damask wallpaper.

It has glamorous compartmentalized drawers with shimmery pink handles to keep accessories in order.

Beverly Hills Luxury Closet
Beverly Hills Luxury Closet (Photo By: Marc Angeles – Unlimited Style Photography, Courtesy of The Agency)

This closet has more room than some people’s entire apartment. This closet features recessed lighting and a modern, crystal draped chandelier provide illumination.

This mansion look alike features a flat-screen TV, bathroom fixtures, a fireplace, a refrigerator and a classy modern leather chaise.

Practical and Pretty Master Closet (Photo credits: Lincoln Barbour)

This closet is perfect for couples who travel frequently. A built-in ironing board and toiletry organizers are hidden behind the soft white traditional cabinetry.

This closet has both his and her sides, perfect for a couple. It features two exclusive shimmering chandeliers. It is designed by Mosaik Design & Remodeling of Portland, Ore.

Chic Teal Dressing Room
Chic Teal Dressing Room (Photo credits: Jennifer VanAllen Fink, Timeless Memories Photography)

This chic dressing room is designed by Nicole Norris, ASID, and NCIDQ. Fixtures are in turquoise color which is balanced with a luxurious leopard-print carpet in pastel shade.

It features a gorgeous crystal and hemp chandelier, gleaming drawers, an upholstered fabric wall behind the glass shoe shelves and a custom-made, full-length mirror.

Spare Bedroom Turned Glam Closet
Spare Bedroom Turned Glam Closet (Photo credits: Jennifer VanAllen Fink, Timeless Memories Photography)

Designer Nicole Norris, ASID, NCIDQ has transformed a spare bedroom into a glamorous dressing room. It features shoe display alcove with 1/2″ thick glass shelves which has been transformed from the double door reach in closet.

Luxurious patterned carpeting, gold shimmering wallpaper and neutral furnishings balance out the bright pink shelving. Several ready-made furniture pieces are placed in addition to the custom shelving to add the touch of glamour in the room.

 Plank Floors A Touch of Tradition
Plank Floors A Touch of Tradition (Photo credits: Robert Granoff, Courtesy of Melissa Greenauer & Carlisle Wide)

The walk-in closet reflects the traditional style. It features rich wood tones and classic detailing like fluted panels, antiqued glass overhead light fixtures and leather hardware.

This closet is designed by designer Melissa Greenauer.

A Closet for Equals
A Closet for Equals (Photo credits: Photo By: Lisa Adams)

This closet is for both husband and wife providing a lot of room for both in equal portions. It has an appealing dark wood setting.

The hanging orb lights add a mod touch while softly illuminating the room. It features a glass-topped center island, which divides the closet into two.

Contemporary Closet with Dressing Table
Contemporary Closet with Dressing Table (Photo credits: Michael Buck, Courtesy of Visbeen Architects, Inc.)

This closet features a built-in dressing table. This contemporary master closet is for both him and her.

It features high hanging clothes racks that smoothly descend down within reach via convenient pulls.

Amazing Shoe closet
Amazing Shoe closet (Photo credits: David Foss)

Walter James has designed this amazing closet. The entire closet is made of cedar.

Shoes are placed on sliding shelves inspired from public libraries in England. The closet has three stationary back shelves and three additional rows of double shelves on a track with wheels and a header on top to hold the shelves in place and to keep them stable.

Elegant English Closet
Elegant English Closet (Photo credits: Lisa Adams)

The elegant closet features full-length mirrors mounted on angled doors so they don’t take up valuable closet wall space. Shelves and cupboards reach all the way up to the ceiling for maximum storage space.

The modern crystal chandelier adds a touch of class.

A Window to the Soul (Photo credits: Marasuba Granderson)

Marasuba Granderson has converted a spare bedroom in to a closet to provide ample room for her couture apparel and over 300 pair of shoes. This 325-square-foot closet features imported cherry wood shelving and drawers.

Bold Fuchsia Closet
Bold Fuchsia Closet (Photo credits: Casey Dunn)

This elegantly decked out closet in bright shades of fuchsia also has a bathroom. The glittery fuchsia wallpaper is adorned by a crystal chandelier.

Closet gives a roomy feeling because of its white floors, cabinetry, drawers and ceilings. The baroque mirror, hand-blown glass faucet and sink will give you feeling like a princess in the castle of your dreams.

Contemporary Walk-In Master
Contemporary Walk-In Master

This sleek, modern and elegant master closet has got wooden flooring and cabinetry, frosted glass door panels and ample space. It features a wooden island in the centre with an elegant ceramic vase on it.

It holds plenty of drawers and panels to hide the disarranged clothes, accessories and whatnot.

Shoji Screen Closet
Shoji Screen Closet (Photo credits: DHDI)

This modern closet was designed by Hanson Hsu of Delta H Design Inc. It runs along an entire 20-foot wall. Basswood in natural shade has been used with ‘Synskin’.

It is a new technology used as a substitute for delicate paper. It has no side panels, so there’s plenty of room for clothes, a home theater, boxes, household goods and more.

A Closet with a View
A Closet with a View

This closet offers a view of outside featuring a window and a comfortable window seat to try on shoes or brood over wardrobe choices. It has a wooden centre island that provides additional storage spaces.

Princess Closet
Princess Closet (Photo credits: Beth Singer, Courtesy of Custom Homes by Derocher)

This dreamy closet was designed by California Closet. It was featured in the 2009 Somerset Collection Showhome and built by Custom Homes by Derocher.

This adorable closet is designed in a way to grow with the child. Everything is placed low and open for easy access.

Clothing and toys are in pastel and girly shades but the shelving and flooring are in neutral in color, which makes it right for your child irrespective of gender.

Nursery Closet
Nursery Closet (Photo credits: Beth Singer, Courtesy of Custom Homes by Derocher)

The closet was featured in the 2009 Somerset Collection Showhome and built by Custom Homes by Derocher. This kid’s closet also features adjustable shelving to grow with the child.

However, this looks like the perfect storage closet for boy.

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