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Gentry’s 15 Amazing Women

Gentry’s 15 Amazing Women

As I’ve always been a fan of Gentry Magazine I was delighted to see some familiar faces in this month’s cover story: “15 Amazing Women You’ll Want to Meet, from the Ballet to the Boardroom.”

Written by Stephanie Lingle Beasley (who knows everyone doing important things in the Bay Area), with Jill Layman and Edie Richardson, the story includes a wide range of powerful Bay Area women — some who are well-known and others who are up-and-comers.

libby leffler

Libby Leffler – Deborah Taylor, Claire Stewart Kostic, Kelli Burrill, Leslie Ryder

I was especially happy to see the brilliant Libby Leffler and Jesse Draper among the women. With their unbridled enthusiasm for life, their boundless goodwill, incisive minds and wonderful wit, they’re terrific role models for a young generation of men and women trying to make sense of a world that seems to be changing more swiftly than at any other time.

pamela joyner

Pamela Joyner – Jesse Draper, Lindsey Volckmann Irvine

The complete list includes: Pamela Joyner, Yuan Yuan Tan, Charlotte Matityahu, Lindsey Volckmann Irvine, Grace Nguyen, Melissa Badger, Natalie Richardson, Deborah Taylor, Claire Stewart Kostic, Kelli Burrill, Leslie Ryder, Mariann Byerwalter, Libby Leffler and Jesse Draper.

And yes, that list actually only adds up to 14! Who would YOU name as number 15?

The complete article is available here.