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Gen Art’s Fresh Faces

Gen Art’s Fresh Faces

A Janezic design. Photo by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer Photography.

Designers Zac Posen, Rebecca Taylor and Chaiken have credited Gen Art for nurturing their talent at the beginning of their careers, so style watchers always make a point of checking out the latest Gen Art shows.

Design by Sara Sheperd.

Last week, Gen Art’s “Fresh Faces in Fashion” show featured five exciting new designers: Amy Sarabi, distilled, Janezic, PODOLL, and Sara Sheperd (who graduated from San Francisco’s Academy of Art University).

My favorite local fashion writer, Dino-Ray Ramos, has posted a full report from the show at his site, Dressed. I’d recommend checking it out, as well as his other insightful pieces on the local fashion scene.

Jilliann Markey & Katya Sorokko; Diana Westnedge, Eric Thurber

The fashions weren’t just on the runway, though. Heather Wiley (of Drew Altizer Photography) snapped some of SFluxe’s favorite fashionistas.

Shannon Malloy, Amber Collins; Frank Alizaga, Sarah Lewis

Marie Carr, Elana Urbansky; Christiane Pelz, Roberta Economidis

Cheryl Gentry, Kara Saun (from Project Runway); Christina Hess, Amanda Gigliotti

Marcia Copeland, Rick Romero; Amy Sarabi (designer), Model in Amy Sarabi

Ariel Clay, Michele Janezic (of Janezic), Jasmine Paty; Joy Bianchi

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