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Feeding the Homeless of San Francisco

Feeding the Homeless of San Francisco

As we all know, homelessness in San Francisco is our great city’s terrible shame, with recent estimates that there are about 6,500 people — a number which has remained stagnate for years.

As the city government can only do so much, it’s wonderful to see local citizens doing their part to help those in need. We were moved to see this recent video taken during one of the occasions when philanthropist Adorean Boleancu took to the streets as part of the “Meals on Heels” campaign, a program created by SF Lighthouse.

By making the effort to personally go out and help people by providing food and warm clothes, volunteers for “Meals on Heels” don’t just help those people, but they make the streets a more friendly place, and help to heal a city.

Please visit if you’d like to join Meals on Heels as well!