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The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show’s 30th Anniversary

The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show’s 30th Anniversary

The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show's 30th Anniversary | SFLUXE 2
Galerie Steinitz
Boiserie room at the Galerie Steinitz

The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show celebrated its 30th annual event in 2011 with a most appropriate theme, “Hidden Treasures,” inspired by the traditional 30th anniversary gift, the pearl.

For three decades dealers from around the United and Europe have shared some of the most unique and often rather obscure antiques with collectors and admirers alike. Therien & Co. from San Francisco and Thomas Livingston Antiques from Berkeley have been part of the very first show in 1981, Foster-Gwin and Montgomery Gallery have participated since 1982.

Il Segno del Tempo<

The 2011 exhibitors focused on objects with elements of surprise. Among them were Almond Hartzog Gallery, Epoca, Hackett | Mill, John Bergruen Gallery, and Xanadu Gallery from San Francisco, American Garage and Habite from Los Angeles, Anderson Galleries and R.M. Barokh Antiques from Beverly Hills, Joel Cooner Gallery from Dallas, Finnegan Gallery from Chicago, Arader Galleries, Beauvais Carpets, Carlton Hobbs, and Kentshire from New York, Janice Paull from Algarve, Portugal, Antoine Chenevi re Fine Arts Ltd. and Susan Ollemans Oriental Art from London, England, Danish Silver from Copenhagen, Denmark and Galerie Steinitz from Paris, France.

Yurie and Carl Pascarella

Lisa Grotts and John Grotts with Joan Nitis

Helen Hilton Raiser and Victoria Raiser

Dorothy and Kenneth Paige, Lucy Buchanan

Suzanne Tucker and Tim Marks

The preview gala benefitting Enterprise for Highschool Students was chaired by Michele Goss. Chef Tyler Florence, known for his timeless cuisine, a strong love for good design and a passion for youth education, served as Honorary Chair. They were supported by O.J. and Gary Shansby, Laura King Pfaff, Elizabeth and Paul Touw, Lisa and John Grotts, Jenna Hunt, Jennifer Raiser, Michelle Elizabeth Curtis, Wheeler S. Griffith, Suzanne Tucker, Kathryn Lasater, Shirley Robinson von Karl, Kendall Wilkinson Robinson, Toni Wolfson, Robert Federighi, Stacey and Ted Dobos and Amanda Wallis.

Stacy Dobos

Gary Shansby, O.J. Shansby, Kay Woods, Frank Woods

Katie Traina, Todd Traina, Dede Wilsey, Trevor Traina

Once again everyone turned out for one of San Francisco’s favorite social events. Collectors Yurie and Carl Pascarella, Dorothy and Kenneth Paige, Helen Hilton Raiser, Dede Wilsey, Trevor Traina, Katie and Todd Traina, Therese Post, Karen and Oliver Caldwell, Claudia Ceniceros, Alison Pincus, Paula Carano, Angelique Griepp, Norah and Norman Stone, Dagmar and Ray Dolby, Sobia and Nadir Shaikh, Lindsay Bolton, Kate Harbin, Sarah and Austin Hills, Melissa and Patrick Barber, Letitia and Michael Kim, Adrianna Pope Sullivan and Bob Sullivan, Regina Callan, Alan Malouf, Ricky Serbin, Mitchell Benjamin were in attendance.

Owl with diamond eyes, gilt sterling silver seal by Leslie Durin, 1972 at Spencer Marks, Ltd. (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)

Also enjoying the event were architects Andrew Skurman who designed the whimsical Alice in Wonderland’ installation at the entrance, and Stephen Sutro, as well as my fellow interior designers Edward Lobrano, Pamela Babey, Matthew MacCaul Turner, Elizabeth Martin, Melanie Coddington, Jay Jeffers, Ken Fulk, Steven Miller, George Brazil, Cecilia Sagrera, Candace Barnes, Benjamin Dhong, Will Wick, Brian Dittmar and Lawanna Endonino. Jeffrey Alan Marks, Ross Cassidy flew in from Los Angeles for the occasion.

Patrick Barber and Melissa Barber

Robert Girard and Phoebe Cowles
0761-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

Lisa Kieu, Karen Caldwell, Charlot Malin
Mexican Wedding Chest.jpg

Mexican wood marriage chest with iron nailheads and lockplate, 18th century at Engs-Dimitri Works of Art (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)
Mexican Wedding Chest Open.jpg

Painting on underside of lid of Mexican wood marriage chest, 18th century at Engs-Dimitri Works of Art (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)

Lisa Podos, Jenna Hunt, Jennifer Raiser

Paula Carano, John Capizzi, Angelique Griepp

Terje Arnesen, Jorge Maumer, Bob Federighi

David Beck.jpg

“Dodocanique” mechanical box in boxwood, ebony, brass and glass by David Beck, 2009 at Hackett | Mill (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)

Fred Hirth and Dr. Clara Shayevich

Norman Stone and Norah Stone

Bobby Sullivan and Adrianna Pope Sullivan

Dede Wilsey at Antoine Chenevi re
Writing Commode 2.jpg

Northern Italian writing commode, Bargamo, 17th century at Engs-Dimitri Works of Art (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)
Writing Commode Interior.jpg

Hidden desk in Northern Italian writing commode, Bargamo, 17th century at Engs-Dimitri Works of Art (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)

Sobia and Nadir Shaikh
0482-SFFAS-111026 4.jpg

Katherine Jacobus and Ed Lobrano

Claudia Ceniceros, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Alison Pincus
French Cabinet.jpg

Hidden keyhole in French cabinet, ca. 1935 at Carlton Hobbs (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)

Francoise and Andrew Skurman
1048-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

Mark Calvano and Samantha Duvall
Peacock Box.jpg

Mahogany, holly and boxwood work box in the form of a peacock, Berlin ca. 1830 at Carlton Hobbs (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)
1059-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

Claudia Juestel and Jay Jeffers
tyler florence

Tolan and Tyler Florence

Gary Friedman and Claudia Ross
1612-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

Pamely Babey and David Wing
1028-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

Dorrit Egli and Elizabeth Martin
Ivory Box Closed Open.jpg

Anglo-Indian ivory miniature bureau Vizagapatam, ca. 1800 at Ronnie M. Barokh Antiques (Photo: Alain Garcia von Borstel)
marcy carmack and tim scherer

Marcy Carmack and Tim Scherer

Mary Beth Shimmon and Alan Malouf

Ken Fulk and James Rogers
1429-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

Kelly Grimes, Gina Milano, Kirsten Strobel
0819-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

James Hunter, Suzanna Allen, friend, Brenda Mickel
1666-SFFAS-111026 3.jpg

Regina Callan, Will Wick, Jennifer Kelly, Steven Miller and friend

The lectures throughout the weekend ranged from celebrated women who wore pearls to designing with art and antiques today. My personal favorite was Dr. Geza von Habsburg’s presentation on art chambers and the collections of the royal house of Habsburg.

Dr. Geza von Habsburg.jpg

Dr. Geza von Habsburg introducing his family’s original castle

We are blessed to have had such an exquisite antique show here in San Francisco for thirty years, and connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating the 2012 show. I certainly am.

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