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Esteban Cortazar at 836M

Esteban Cortazar at 836M

Esteban Cortazar in San Francisco

Paris-based designer Esteban Cortazar recently presented pieces from his Spring 2018 collection at a luncheon hosted by stylist Mary Gonsalves Kinney.

Held at Julie and Sébastien Lépinard’s ultra-hip gallery, 836M, the event was attended by Calgary Avansino, Emily Wheeler, Sara Abbasi, Sobia Shaikh, Mary Beth Shimmon, Camilla Papale, Sonia Maria Edwards, Maghan McDowell, Lisa Zabelle, Bahya Murad, Burcu Garnier, Natalie Rosendin, Meghan Kanodia, Lauren Godfrey, and Hani Kashef, among others.

Esteban Cortazar and Mary Gonsalves Kinney
Esteban Cortazar and Mary Gonsalves Kinney

Photo: Drew Altizer Photography

Versions of the 33-year-old designer’s signature piece, the stretch jersey “Salsa Dress” that flares out at the hem, have recently been seen on celebrities and influencers around the globe, such as First Lady Melania Trump and documentary producer Marley Clements in Washington, Natalie Joos, Hannah Bronfman, and Astrid Munoz in New York, Tracee Ellis Ross in Los Angeles, Pia Cohler and photographer Jamie Beck in France, television host Angela Saiz in Spain, and Marion Caunter in Singapore.

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