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Willie and Elaine at the Washbag

Willie and Elaine at the Washbag

Willie and Elaine at the Washbag | SFLUXE

Our spunky young friend, Elaine Santore, recently stepped into an event at the Washington Bar and Grill, packed with some of the biggest, bloated egos in San Francisco politics, and somehow stepped out having made the night all about HER.

Now that normally would not surprise us, because quite honestly it IS all about her, but in this case, she even had the last word over Willie Brown himself!

While Willie was a little saucy by calling everyone at the party a “ho” when he wrote about the event in his San Francisco Chronicle column, it was Elaine, with partner-in-crime Luke Thomas, who attacked Aaron Peskin’s clothing choice, described the Mayor as a “waste of space and time,” used adorable 1-year old Grace Daly to make a sarcastic political point, stirred the pot on a Willie Brown/Gavin Newsom feud, suggested that Matt Gonzalez was a snoozing bore, and showed off her fabulous fingerless Madonna gloves. Yet somehow she did all that while not seeming, you know, MEAN.

It’s too bad we don’t have a vibrant newspaper in this City to publish a column by Elaine Santore on a regular basis (she could easily be the female Herb Caen), but readers can catch up with her trouble-making ways at “The Fog City Journal” online at

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