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Eco Fashion for the Fabulous: Stella McCartney at Neiman Marcus

Eco Fashion for the Fabulous: Stella McCartney at Neiman Marcus

Eco Fashion for the Fabulous: Stella McCartney at Neiman Marcus | SFLUXE 7
Stella McCartney was recently the guest of honor for a chic garden party luncheon at Neiman Marcus, San Francisco. Celebrity stylist Mary Gonsalves Kinney, of, gives SFLUXE readers us a glimpse of the day’s festivities.

As one of my dearest fashionista friends told her new boyfriend, and I quote, “There are only two people you should know from a fashion perspective in the UK, Alexander McQueen (rest his soul) and Stella McCartney.”

Whether you believe this statement to be true or not (how could you argue? I mean, really?), you have to know that Stella McCartney is a fashion force to be reckoned with, and one that has literally owned, guided and set the expectations for the high end, eco-friendly fashion market. Her pieces are chic and cruelty free on every level. What does that mean, you ask? That means she uses only sustainable materials that are completely vegan and refuses to use chemicals or machinery that could be harmful to those manufacturing her products. She is one hundred percent committed to making a difference in the world, while also simultaneously adding to its chicness.

Fans Awaited Stella McCartney At The Neiman Marcus Rotunda, Chic “Handbag” Cakes, Beautiful Decor

Now, let’s get down to business – Who Wore What. Stella McCartney is known for her coveted, hard to achieve casual chic vibe, which makes dressing to impress the designer somewhat of a challenge. Guests ran the style gamut with Stella’s playful denim overalls, strapless Resort belted bustier tops and polka dot dresses galore. What was most impressive was the mix of seasonal pieces that seemed to wear so well together – a testament to McCartney’s dedication to versatility and wear-ability.

Stella McCartney With Allison Speer, Sonya Molodetskaya, Mary Gonsalves Kinney

Spring floral printed blazers with Stella’s staple black leggings, Resort dresses in wild prints and colors and her newest Fall superhero silk blouses and jeans all blended into a harmonious union. Those that stood out, were those that got creative, mixing in ascots and playful hats – even a floral headpiece or two.

The adults in attendance did not reign the style charge, however. There were a number of children donning the designer’s newest pieces from her children’s collection. Boyfriend jeans with ironed on happy faces (and suspenders!), unicorn tanks and bathing suits even, a handful of brightly colored rompers – these kids had McCartney’s fashion number.

Stella With Karen Caldwell, Justin Fichelson, Barbara Brown, Sara Friden, Yurie Pascarella, Jane Chen, Drue Kataoka

Stella McCartney wore a denim suit. Yes, you heard me right. An absolutely amazing button down denim jacket that hit serendipitously just past her hips with the most perfect pair of bell bottom denim pants. Her face bore hardly any makeup in true like mother-like daughter Linda McCartney fashion, and her tossled, strawberry locks that looked as though they’d been rolled in the hay once or twice, balanced out her denim on denim silhouette.

Stella McCartney was just as you would imagine her, kind, genuine and a mother of four eager to kiss and console the crying baby to her right. McCartney didn’t miss a beat. “Enough with all of these photos, let’s get you ladies shopping!” And so, just like that, she began grabbing sizes and mixing prints and designs determined to style each woman to perfection.

The Fall preview was small, but mighty. Lots of deep colors like black, navy, shades of burgundy and green. Silk tapered pants and matching crewneck silk sweaters, even some baby pink soft sweaters with furry (not to be mistaken for real fur) applique. A tiny taste of what is sure to deliver in a major way.

So, to get back to the quote in which we started this piece, let there be no question, Stella McCartney has earned the fashion title in the UK and beyond. I’m all for saving the world… and saving the fashion victims of the world. Stella, we salute you!

Photos: Drew Altizer; Instagram (by Amanda Darzi, Kristen Spaulding, Angela Gonzales, Chuck Steelman, Kellianne Love, Sara Friden, Drue Kataoka)

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