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Congratulations to CBig and the NHG

Congratulations to CBig and the NHG

Guess who’s the new Deputy Editor & Society Columnist for the Nob Hill Gazette? Catherine Bigelow, one of SFluxe’s favorite writers, is now in her first week at the publication, working alongside the fabulous Merla Zellerbach and super-fabulous Lois Lehrman!

“I’ll be reviving the local society column (that Merla penned for years) in the October issue,” she tells SFluxe. “It’s great to be back on the beat!”

It’s great to have you back, Catherine.

And is it just me, or does the NHG seem to be entering an exciting new phase? They’ve also enlivened things with the addition of Boswell Peeps, whose August column was a tantalizing glimpse into the word of the jet set super-rich. My favorite part:

“August is for lazy days yachting from Sardinia to Capri and reversing course to Marbella and exotic Tangiers as a guest of King Mohammed VI of Morocco’s family. “

Right! I mean, isn’t that how you spent your August?

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