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Christine Pelosi to Wed

Christine Pelosi to Wed

The Nob Hill Gazette’s Catherine Bigelow has the scoop this month on the future conjoining of two San Francisco power families. Christine Pelosi (daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi & Paul Pelosi) is engaged to be wed to film producer Peter Kaufman (son of filmmaker Phil Kaufman & Rose Kaufman).

Christine wouldn’t divulge the date and place, except to say that it will be in the new year. Presumably it will be after the promotional tour for her new book, “Campaign Boot Camp: Basic Training for Future Leaders,” which the Chronicle’s Leah Garchik wrote about today.

“Christine Pelosi’s new “Campaign Boot Camp: Basic Training for Future Leaders,” is Politics 101 for practitioners. Pelosi, 41-year-old daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is director of a congressional boot camp that teaches the Four M’s: management, message, money and mobilization. […] Mary and Steven Swig threw a party for the author Wednesday night, at which she greeted guests, spoke and gave credibility to the idea of grass roots by actually selling the books herself (it’s not often the author fills out the credit card slips). […] Pelosi’s book quotes both Mahatma Gandhi (“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”) and the above-mentioned Brown (“I should see you out and about in the community more than I see my own family”).”

Photo: Christine Pelosi and Peter Kaufman [via facebook]

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