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Change Starts at Home

Change Starts at Home

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We hadn’t heard about until Mireille Schwartz, founder of the Bay Area Allergy Advisory Board, mentioned that she had just been featured on the site as a “Change Maker” for her work on behalf of severely allergic children.

Change Starts at Home is a truly inspirational site. It strives to educate, inspire and empower women to change the world by easily making changes in their own personal lives.

Women join on the site from across the country to share ideas about how to make positive economic, environmental and social changes.

Each month, the site highlights a “Change Maker,” someone who is making a significant and lasting difference, as well as non-profit organizations who are helping change the world (Change Starts at Home gives back to these organizations with every purchase made on the site). In addition to Mireille, the site has also featured Jennifer Caldwell, founder of Hope to Action, as one of these remarkable women.

Laura Rose, the founder of the site, says of women: “We don’t wait for change; we create change.” And her site definitely puts that idea into action. If you know a truly inspirational woman who’s a real change maker in the community, you should definitely check out the site, and send your recommendations to Laura (visit for contact information.)