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Cerro Pampa Oyster Cup, 2009

Cerro Pampa Oyster Cup, 2009

Cerro Pampa Oyster Cup, 2009 | SFLUXE
JP Thieriot, Tim Parsa, John Bickford, Colin White

Cerro Pampa’s Fifth Annual Oyster Cup was held at the private polo club on Petaluma’s San Antonio Road, recently. The polo finals started at 5pm, with the Napa Valley team emerging victorious while guests sampled oysters and drank Rose and cocktails.

wil harris
Wil Harris and Angus Harris
bo lasater
Robin O’Connell and Bo Lasater
alexandra bunting
Alexandra Bunting, Alex Baruch, and friend

The fundraiser for the Marin Nature Conservancy was attended by folks such as Wil and Cecilia Harris, J.P and Leslie Thieriot, Kimberly Bakker, Michael Polenske and Kimberly Miller, Carrie Goodyear, Robin and Mimi O’Connell, Caley Castelein, Bo Lasater, Alexandra Tyndall and Michael Downing, Hearst and Elizabeth Welborn, Lauren Dickinson, Shaila Freyer, John Bickford, Tim Parsa, and Billy Reed.

hint water

The polo players were handed chilled Hint Essence Water throughout the match to be sure they kept hydrated in the heat.

lex tyndall
Lex Tyndall, Michael Downing
hearst welborn
Elizabeth and Dr. Hearst Welborn
colin white
Colin White
Evie and Ryan Simon
Evie and Ryan Simon
Michael Polenske and Kimberly Miller
Michael Polenske, Kimberly Miller
Shaila Freyer, Lauren Dickinson
Shaila Freyer, Lauren Dickinson

Guests enjoyed Argentine style barbeque with Cerro Pampa founder Billy Reed and JP Thieriot’s Estancia Beef. Wine was provided by Oberon and Blackbird Vineyards. Cocktails included Veev Final Chukker Cocktails, Cabana Cachaca and Combier Blackberry caipirinhas, and Victoria Bitters.

Following the finals, the evening got started with Busted Vacuum’s bluegrass music. DJ Rawdon of Bar Marmont came on and kept the crowd dancing late into the night.

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