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Celebrating Our Own

Celebrating Our Own

“Celebrating Our Own” was the theme of the 2010 gala at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, honoring the memory of lifelong supporter Caroline H. “Betty” Hume.

Lucy Hume Koukopoulos, Nick Koukopoulos

San Francisco Symphony keyboardist and Conservatory alumnus Robin Sutherland led a special musical performance featuring some two dozen of the school’s most distinguished faculty and alumni, with repertory including a sonata for the flute, Mrs. Hume’s favorite instrument.

Robin Sutherland, Jan Buckley. George Hume, Carol Doll, Sam Murdoch, Colin Murdoch

Alongside various tributes to Mrs. Hume’s life and legacy, the evening included a cocktail reception in the Conservatory atrium and an elegant dinner next door in the grand tent, catered by McCall Associates with decor by Robert Fountain Event Designs.

Sabrina Schlumberger, Sandy Schlumberger, Diane Rubin
Jerry Hume, Katherine Black, Donald Black
Susie McBaine, Pat McBaine

Marissa Mayer, Deepa Pakianathan
Barbara Wakowski, Ian Sobieski, Veronica Watson
Victoria Kornblum, Diane Rubin
Carol Doll, Dixon Doll
Carol Doll, Jan Buckley
James Buckley, Jan Buckley
Tim Foo, Virginia Foo
Robin Sutherland, Jan Buckley
Mary Poland, Donna Hale