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Celebrating Change, 2010 Annual Benefit

Celebrating Change, 2010 Annual Benefit

The International Museum of Women recently held its annual benefit, Celebrating Change, in San Francisco. This vibrant annual event in San Francisco connects leaders with a passion for advancing global gender equity with women artists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

Elizabeth Colton, Mayor Gavin Newsom

This year, to align with the museum’s current focus, the spotlight was on women’s achievements within the global economy – as entrepreneurs, business executives, workers, caretakers, or investors. The event also showcased the food and beverages of female vendors, chefs and producers, and dynamic female performers lent creative flair to the evening.

Melvin Honowitz, Elizabeth Colton, Joe Grubb

Based in San Francisco, The International Museum of Women is a global institution that engages women worldwide through its vibrant, award-winning online exhibitions. As a virtual museum, they use new technology and innovative multi-media presentations to reflect, inspire and connect women in almost every country around the world.

Anetta Harris, Deborah Santana, Julie Whyte, Caro Batte

The museum is led by a Board of Directors and a Global Council of 26 women leaders from around the world. The Global Council includes Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland; Beatriz Merino, former Prime Minister of Peru; Zainab Salbi, Founder & CEO of Women for Women International; Mahnaz Afkhami, President & CEO of Women’s Learning Partnership for Rights; and Eve Ensler, Founder of V-Day.

Trish Loucks, Victoria Yeager Sawyer, Elaine Mellis

Judy Jorgensen, Gwynn Berexa
Judy Holm Trish Loucks, Stacey Fleece
Sallie Huntting, Delia Ehrlick , Pamela Culp
Lori Puccinelli Stern, Annie Lane, Layne Gray, Joanna Rees
Regina Miranda, Alison Carlson
Catherine King, Clare Winterton
Sallie Huntting, Elizabeth Colton, Mayor Gavin Newsom , Judy Jorgensen
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