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Casanova Seduces SF at the Legion of Honor

Casanova Seduces SF at the Legion of Honor

Prior to the opening of “Casanova: The Seduction of Europe,” at the Legion of Honor, high level donors and supporters of the museum were invited to an elegant dinner premiere of the delightful new exhibit, which explores the 18th century across Europe through the eyes of one of its most colorful characters, Giacomo Casanova.

Among those who attended, and joined in the mood of the evening with costume touches inspired by the 18th century, were Carl and Yurie Pascarella, David and Mary Beth Shimmon, Dede Wilsey, Denise Fitch, Gretchen Kimball, Jack Calhoun, Lauren Hall, Lucy Hamilton, Martin Chapman, Max Hollein, Sobia Shaikh, and others.

Here are some scenes from the elegant masquerade…

Max Hollein, Dede Wilsey, David and Mary Beth Shimmon

Dede Wilsey

Lauren Hall

Sobia Shaikh

“A Gorgeous Night at the Museum”

Carl Pascarella and Yuri Pascarella

Jack Calhoun and Max Hollein

CD Dickerson

Mary Beth Shimmon and Ricky Serbin

Sheila Ortona and Lorenzo Ortona