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Caped Crusader of Chic

Caped Crusader of Chic

Caped Crusader of Chic | SFLUXE

Usually SFLuxe’s commentary on the Bently family fashion focuses on Amber Marie Bently, who’s always so gorgeous and lovely, like a glittering butterfly, but this time we’re going to change it up a little and cast an eye on husband Christopher Bently. My jaw dropped, as I’m sure yours just did too, when I saw this divine photo by Matt Powers of Christopher and Amber Marie on stage at the Koncept Kamalaspa fashion show. It is absolutely the most superb outfit I have seen a man wear in ages. I’ve not had a chance to ask what the inspiration was, but the hat, the cape, the sequins — it’s just all so dramatic and creative I could scream! But what I like best is how it actually… works. Usually when you see a person wearing something out of the ordinary they look silly, costume-y, like they’re trying hard to get attention, etc., but that’s not the case here. The dude wears a floor length sequined cape like he was born with it on! There’s not a bit of doubt, not a hint of hesitancy. He’s a man in a cape, and he’s proud of it. Damned right!

Here are a few more of Matt’s photos from the evening. For more information, or to hire Matt to photograph one of your events, email him at or visit .

Christopher (sans cape), Amber Marie Bently, designer Nick Verreos, Edgardo Chacon of Kamalaspa.
Mireille Schwartz of Bientot Magazine, with Nick Verreos
Joel Goodrich of TRI Coldwell Banker, Amber Marie, Craig Lipton, and Claudia Ross of Cross Marketing.