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California State of Mind

California State of Mind

Hilary Armstrong, Sascha Rice and Jerry Brown

Executive Producer, Hilary Armstrong, premiered a three-minute trailer of her upcoming documentary film “California State of Mind – The Legacy of Pat Brown,” about one of California’s most important governors, at a recent fundraising party in San Francisco.

The sold-out event was packed by over 200 friends and supporters, and helped raise funds that the filmmakers need to complete the project.

“Many warned that it is a bad time to be raising money given the economic crisis,” says Hilary, “but apparently not so when it comes to causes that will help get California back on track.”

Hilary Armstrong, Marty Bitter from Chevron, Kathleen Brown and Sascha Rice

Highlights of the film include interviews with Governor Schwarzanegger, Tom Brokaw, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Seantor Dianne Feinstein, Willie Brown, former Secretary of State Warren Christopher, former Governors Gray Davis and Pete Wilson, Ronald Reagan’s political strategist Stu Spencer, historian Kevin Starr, and Pat Brown’s children Kathleen Brown and Attorney General Jerry Brown.

Jerry Brown rushed from another event to speak briefly about his father’s legacy after the film clip was shown. It’s a true Brown family project — award winning filmmaker Sascha Rice (the writer and director), and her sister Hilary Armstrong are Pat Brown’s granddaughters.

Rita Sudman from Water Education Foundation, Hilary and her mother, Kathleen Brown
Hilary Armstrong and Tim Fredel

Joy Bianchi, Joy Germont, Hilary Armstrong, Dorka Keehn

Beth Townsend, Hilary Armstrong, Maryon Davies

Photos: Susan McLaughlin
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