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Brit Morin at UNIQLO

Brit Morin at UNIQLO

Brit Morin at UNIQLO | SFLUXE
Keanan Duffty, Katie Hintz-Zambrano, Yasunobu Kyogoku, Brit Morin, Prem Kumta

In anticipation of their major new store opening in October 2012 at 111 Powell Street in San Francisco, UNIQLO has been sponsoring some unique panel sessions at a temporary pop-up store with leading opinion makers and artists.

We recently attended their “haute tech meet-up” which consisted of designer Keanan Duffty, editor Katie Hintz-Zambrano, UNIQLO COO Yasunobu Kyogoku, and founder Brit Morin.

brit morin

Yasunobu Kyogoku and Brit Morin

Hopelessly addicted to the daily tips and advice of, we were particularly keen to hear Brit Morin’s insight on the creation of a successful media company and where she sees the future of the Internet.

Called the “Martha Stewart of technology,” Brit says that what she’s trying to do is encourage the younger generation that has grown up with digital media, gadgets and technology to use it all in a way that simplifies their daily life.

“I’m trying to help you take the short cuts through living, whether that’s a recipe that only takes you 10 minutes, and only costs you a couple ingredients, or a new way to style your outfits that’s easy to remember and lets you spend less time getting ready in the morning,” she said.

Brian Chan, Kei Vinuya, Katie Hintz-Zambrano – Angela Tafoya, Jessica Velez

But she was eager to point out that at they are also building different types of apps.

“In today’s world you actually have to be both a media and a technology company to reach your audience. Every media company online these days, they’re building software, whether it’s a website or an app. And that’s what we’re trying to do as well. We’re building it all from scratch, in-house.”

An example of one of their products is, a fabulous tool that lets users create social and beautiful wedding websites for themselves in minutes.

Mary Beth Vascellaro, Jessica Vascellaro, Brit Morin – Ching Nola, Nara Li

Brit considers herself and other well-known bloggers as curators of the Internet. “The web has gotten so vast and so overwhelming with information and data that you almost need your trusted curator just to boil it down for you,” she said. “You can trust a person so much better and more than you can trust a random brand. That’s why I called my company Brit. I’m the face of it. I’m a person. And I’m curating the web and really diving into whatever issues people are facing these days, and how can we solve them.”

While her style might not have the slick writing quality of a magazine, she says readers come to her for a unique point of view. “It’s about a curation style. And that’s where the future is headed with technology online.”

Justin White, Katelyn Kellogg, Phillip Zabat – Ingrid Roman, Weber Shih

So with the growing success of, will Morin be packing up for New York, the media capital of the world, anytime soon?

“A lot of people ask me why we’re not located in New York,” she said. “And the reason is that this is the creative capital of the world. There’s so much happening right now in San Francisco, and there are all kinds of companies. Especially within lifestyle at large — you know, food, fashion, home — it’s just begun.”

Brit Morin – Laurel Tielis, Anh Tran

As an advisor to many startups, she sees many exciting companies that are coming out of the woodwork and are going to be launching some great products. “I think that in the next five to 10 years you’ll probably see more and more tech utilities come out that are available to you as a way to improve your life. And for me that’s where the music happens,” she said. “If you can provide people with a utility that makes their life better, then you’re doing something right.”

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