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Banksy in San Francisco

Banksy in San Francisco

Banksy in San Francisco | SFLUXE

World famous British artist Banksy made an unexpected “appearance” in San Francisco on April 22nd and 23rd, 2010, when his art work started showing up around town in at least six locations.

The true identity of the compelling artist remains a mystery to this day, with reports from British and New York media claiming he was born in Bristol in 1974, and that his real name is either Robin Banks, Roberto Banksion, or Robin Gunningham.


The owners of the Chinatown building at Commercial and Grant, on whose wall Banksy stenciled this image of a doctor, didn’t care who the guy was as they accepted his $50 offer for use of the wall.

Other Banksy’s were spotted at Howard and 9th, Mission and Sycamore, Haight and Belvedere, near a Freeway, and above 849 Valencia.

banksy san francisco
Banksy’s signature rat at Howard and 9th.
bansky san francisco
Above 849 Valencia Street
bansky san francisco

Sycamore Street and Mission

This image takes up the full corner of Haight and Belvedere
banksy san francisco
Empty Parking Lot, Erie and Mission

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