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Zem Joaquin’s Web 1.0 Birthday!

Zem Joaquin’s Web 1.0 Birthday!

Zem Joaquin's Web 1.0 Birthday! | SFLUXE
zem joaquin
James and Zem Joaquin, celebrating in 1.0 style

As 2011 becomes a big year for tech IPO’s, plenty of people have been joking it’s starting to feel like a revival of the Web 1.0 days. So how fitting that Zem Joaquin the founder of, recently celebrated her birthday with a web 1.0-themed birthday party that brought out all her tech friends for some old-school fun circa 1999.

brian neal
Brian Neal, Gillian Winn, Zem Joaquin

It was an evening packed with irony, as guests were asked to arrive in their “favorite circa 1999-2001 dot com t-shirts”, with awards given to those in the best outfits. Being Silicon Valley, one got the impression it may not have been much of a stretch for some of the guys to show up wearing a company t-shirt from 1999.

lucy page
Lucy Page and Sara Morishige Williams

And for those who didn’t dress in theme, the default was black, as evidenced by Lucy Page, looking surprisingly sleek in a black dress despite being several months pregnant.

The “Best” Dressed of Web 1.0

A continual stream of bubbles (Get it? Dot com bubbles) greeted guests at the door of HD Buttercup’s incredible new 35,000 square-foot design emporium, in San Francisco’s Southbeach.


Leah Parks, Lauren Eastman, Bill Acevedo, Emily Goligoski
Hooman Khalili and Friend

Guests including Larry Page and wife Lucy Page, Twitter’s Evan Williams, Yves Behar, Nadine Weil, Gina Pell, and HD Buttercup owner Evan Cole and his wife Lilly, partied like it was 1999!

nadine weil
Nadine Weil and Friend

Event highlights included HD Buttercup owner Evan Cole’s fetching wife, Lilly, on the turntables, and a special set from VC-fabulous Raj Kapoor and his band, CoverFlow.

Raj Kapoor
Raj Kapoor and James Joaquin

Raj’s ridiculously-accomplished bandmates include: Chris Pan (Facebook), Daniel Kraft (stem-cell biologist), Ethan Beard (Facebook), Philip Kaplan (Fucked Company, AdBrite, Blippy), David Ebersman (Facebook) and James Joaquin (the birthday girl’s husband, CoverFlow original drummer, Ofoto alum and Pixelpipe Chariman).

Tina Sharkey, Jason Stinson, Aileen Lee
Jim McLaughlin, Rachel Travers, Corey Duffle
Jeremy Tooker, Evan Cole, Lyle Schultz
Ashley Herman and Ted Zathe

Zem, by the way, is featured this month in a two-page advertisement for Chase Sapphire, where she talks about her favorite places to go in San Francisco.

She names Bourbon and Branch at 501 Jones for drinks with Gina Pell before events; The Plant Cafe Organic at Pier 3 for their vegan burger; Yield Wine Bar at 2490 3rd Street for a “completely organic, biodyamic menu”; and the famed Cavallo Point in Sausalito for, well, practically everything – it’s her “favorite place”.

lucy page
Zem Joaquin and Lucy Page
Zem Joaquin and Gina Pell

Guests enjoyed nibbles from a trio of organic food trucks and organic cotton candy, with tequila from Arta (Zem’s favorite), beer from Mateveza, and wine from J. Lohr.