Zac Posen Day

After consulting with an attorney, a political science professor and Mildred my know-it-all neighbor, I’ve been informed that No, my status as SFluxe Editor does not qualify me to declare Thursday “Zac Posen Day” in San Francisco. Apparently you have to be mayor for that. Technicalities.

So instead, it will be “Zac Posen Day” at SFluxe. But we’re more fun than City Hall, anyhow.

The day begins at Saks Fifth Avenue. That’s right — Zac’s at Saks! (It rhymes beautifully, and yet the Saks people didn’t think of it. Go figure.)

At noon there will be a luncheon and fashion show featuring the New York-based designer’s Fall 2007 collection, shown in New York just last month.

One hundred percent of the ticket proceeds ($200 a piece) will go directly to Children of Shelters, a non-profit organization that provides education and emotional support to the estimated 4,000 children living in San Francisco shelters. I’m sure they can make good use of every dollar they receive, so I’m really pleased that Saks is doing it, and I’m also pleased the show will be covered for SFluxe exclusively by a new figure to the local fashion scene that I very much admire (sorry, but his ID is being kept secret for now.)

At 3:00 pm, Zac will appear at the Academy of Art University, to speak about fashion at a symposium that includes the legendary Loulou de la Falaise, Pulitzer Prize journalist Robin Givhan of the Washington Post and some other top figures of the fashion industry (more details from the illustrious panel will come later!)

Posen is a rarity as a designer under 30 who has been able to build a high fashion business that functions as a real business — something that so many talented designers have failed to do. With new business alliances, licenses and products coming out all the time, the Zac Posen brand continues to grow at a steady pace. The access that the Academy of Art students are getting to him should enliven their entrepreneurial spirit. With style, savvy, ingenuity and old fashioned hard work, they can do it too!