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Zac and Loulou at Saks

Zac and Loulou

Loulou de la Falaise and Zac Posen at Saks. Photo, Drew Altizer.

I chatted with Zac Posen for a few minutes during his fashion show at Saks last week.

Damion: Is this your first time in San Francisco?

Zac: No. My first trunk show ever was in San Francisco. It was at Neiman’s. It was a big party. And then I came back, I would say, two years ago, for the Museum of Modern Art — for their Glamour show, which we were a part of.”

D: Oh, right.

Z: But I’ve never spent extended time in San Francisco.

D: Will you be able to now?

Z: I’m going back on Saturday. But I’m going to go to a great dinner, and great lunch. And I’ll get to see the Vivienne Westwood exhibition.

D: Oh, yes.

Z: I didn’t get to see it at the Metropolitan Museum. I just came back from London. I was in an exhibition at the Victoria Albert museum, so I just flew back from London.

D: Your clothing is in the museum?

Z: Yeah, it was a show on New York fashion now.

D: Oh, wow, to already be in a museum after how many years?

Z: We’re going to be approaching our sixth year. Time flies. It’s crazy.

D: Well, the clothing really shows your experience. I was just looking at the detail, which you don’t see at all in the runway shots because of the black background.

Z: You lose all detail.

D: Beautiful details. And a lot of people were oohing and ahhing over the little jersey caplet — or I’m not sure what it is.

Z: The jacket.

D: Yeah. It’s so cute.

Z: Absolutely.

D: Have you had any items so far that really stand out with customers?

Z: That jersey jacket, and all the pieces that have the mixed lame pieces, and all of the suiting. And then all the pieces that are in the orchid purple.

D: That color is so beautiful.

Z: Yeah. All the colors have been doing so well for us.

More of Drew Altizer’s photos from the event can be seen at his Social Studies blog at 7×7.