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Glamour at the Yves Saint Laurent Gala

Glamour at the Yves Saint Laurent Gala

Glamour at the Yves Saint Laurent Gala | SFLUXE 1

We know we’ve been teasing you for a while with just a few of Drew Altizer’s photos from the glamorous Yves Saint Laurent gala opening at the de Young. Quite frankly, there were so many beautiful people, we had too many photos to deal with and didn’t know what to do with them! Solution? Just put the best out there for you to enjoy. There’s no story here — just pure fashion, darlings.

Samantha Traina
Angelique Soave
Danielle Steel
Susan Gutfreund

Dodie Rosekrans
Denise Hale, Cameron Silver, Lynn Wyatt
Christine Suppes and Friend
The dashing Hamish Bowles of Vogue. Literally.
Lisa Sardegna, Eiming Jung, Monica Maduro
Victoire Reynal
Yurie Pascarella
Abigail Turin
Lisa Beshlian, Carol Hamilton, Rosemarie Sterling
John Buchanan, Lucy Buchanan, Timothy Blackburn, Barbara Brookins Schneider
Laura Lendrum, Mary Fontamillas, Jennifer York
Larissa Sabadash
Wes Carroll, Joy Bianchi, Elizabeth Varnell
Roger Barnett, Sloan Barnett
Danielle Steel, Allison Speer
Gelila Puck
Susan Foslien
Cindi Pardini, Scott Potter
Deeda Blair
Vanessa Getty
Lucy Buchanan
Kate Chung, David Chung
Michael Stoyla, Jennifer Raiser
David Blanton, Martha Angus
Betsy Vobach, Judy Webster
Patrick Herning, Tatiana Sorokko
Joel Goodrich, Melodie Pacheco and Friends
Jeana Toney, Jenna Hunt
Marcy Carmack, Alan Malouf
Jasmine DaVila, Michaela Baltasar, Leah Trefry
Pamela Joyner
Pamela Joyner, Brenda Wright, Barbara Brookins Schneider
Stephanie Milligan, Jim Milligan
Mary Fontamillas, Connie Nielsen
Katie Traina, Todd Traina
Heather Hartle, Jeff Buenrostro
Denise Hale, Joy Bianchi, Wes Carroll, Angelique Griepp
Fariba Rezvani, Afsaneh Akhtari
Isha Abdullah, Jorge Maumer
Lonna Wais, James Long
Juliet de Baubigny, Roger Barnett
Betty Catroux, Pierre Berge
Pierre Berge, Hamish Bowles
Pierre Berge, Dede Wilsey

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Exhibition dates: November 1, 2008 – April, 2009

Hours: Tuesday – Thursday, Saturday and Sunday: 9:30 am5:15 pm
Friday: 9:30 am – 8:45 pm
Closed on Monday

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